Maybe it’s the librarian in me, or maybe the compulsive-obsessive organizer, but I like having a nice index of the content. I suppose, as times goes by, eventually the Index will need a Meta-Index.

(Actually, there already is the beginnings of one; check out the Reading List.)

Main Articles

Below is a list of the main articles in the order they were published. The list does not include Sideband or Brain Bubble posts (see notes at bottom about those indexes and others).

The First Cycle

The Gobsmacked Cycle

The Saved Again Cycle

The Christmas 2012 Cycle

The “Take-Three” Cycle

The New Life Phase Cycle

The 2014 Cycle

The Loose Ends Cycle

The Heinz 59 Cycle

The Christmas 2014 Cycle

The 2015 Cycle

The Planet Pluto Cycle

The Maths Cycle

The Election 2016 Cycle

The Year Six (and still Election 2016!) Cycle

The Interesting Times Cycle

Reboot 2018

The 64 Cycle Hum


Originally intended for posts tangent to one of the main topics (such as would appear on the list above) or some kind of parallel — typically technical — thread of posts related to a main topic. Or they might be unrelated highly technical post, ones too geeky for most readers.

As it turned out, it was too much bother keeping straight what was main and what was sideband, so most meaty stuff ends up being main. I still use this channel for the really geeky ultra-technical stuff.

(See the Sidebands Index page for a list of all Sideband posts.)

Brain Bubbles

These were intended for the ‘small passing thought’ posts that were originally considered Sidebars. More often they’ve ended up as collections of even smaller thoughts or current event references.

(See the Brain Bubbles Index page for a list of all Brain Bubbles posts.)


You can also find posts by Categories. You’ll see a list of them over on the right under File Space. Hover over any Category to see a little pop-up that (very briefly) describes its nature. Click on any Category to see all posts filed under it.


You can also search by Tags. You’ll found a cloud of them under Wyrd Cloud. Just as with Categories, click on one to see all posts containing that Tag.

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