Happy 2015!

Happy 2015

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10 responses to “Happy 2015!

  • dianasschwenk

    Happy New Year Smitty!
    Diana xo

      • dianasschwenk

        ooooooooooh how do you do all those symbols?!

      • Wyrd Smythe

        WordPress now supports the full Emoji set (from Twitter, I believe). I just happened to notice a post by a WordPress guy. I don’t have a link to that post, but here’s a link to the list of Emojis:


        The only way I get them to work is to copy and paste the code from the left-most column into a comment. The shortname versions don’t seem to work. So :pizza: doesn’t work, but * does.

        In my own Comments section of my Dashboard, I can also use some HTML to make the emojis bigger:

        <span style="font-size:24pt;">[insert emoji codes here]</span>

        Put it together, and you get this: **

        Sadly, that HTML seems ignored when you type it into another blog’s comment box, so you can’t make the emojis big, but you can copy and paste them.

        Update 2016-02-29: Removed emoji codes because they’re not saved properly to the XML save file and make the file invalid.

  • Wyrd Smythe

    It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood! The temp is up to 28 (from a week of single digits, some of which had a minus sign), and there are just some scattered clouds in a lovely blue sky. I went for a walk and then stood outside my house for a while enjoying how the sky shades from a deep, rich blue directly overhead to a pale robin’s egg blue as your eye moves down to the horizon.

    Wonderful way to begin the new year! 😀

    • Wyrd Smythe

      And now it’s clouded over again, so I’m glad I took that walk when I did. After something like three weeks straight of surprisingly warm temps and gray skies (with one sunny day in the middle), Christmas was snowless.

      Then it finally snowed and the temps dropped to single digits. But that resulted in clear blue skies, so WIN! The last few days it’s been cloudier, but still sunny at points during the day.

  • ~ Sadie ~


    Thanks for the link to the Emojis 🙂

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