meThis blog has several handy indexes that list the posts:

The Main Index — A list of all posts except Sideband and Brain Bubble posts.

Sideband posts — Tangential or technical posts. Some are tangential and technical.

Brain Bubble posts — Brief tangential posts. Or posts collecting related brief references. Big emphasis on brief here.

Reading List — A curated (but usually outdated) list of posts by topic.

But wait! There’s more…

Special Relativity series — My exploration of Albert Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity. Explores in detail the effects of time and length shift as well as the (impossible) idea of FTL (faster-than-light) travel.

Mind isn’t Computational series — My exploration of the Computational Theory of Mind and why I think the idea that mind is algorithmic is a non-starter. Explores in detail the difference between a process and a simulation of that process (which I think is key).

(Most mobile device users will never see this page! Really, it’s touch screen app users that won’t see it, which amounts to largely the same thing. It’s not that touch screens don’t allow access. It’s that it’s not obvious — after the first press drops the menu — that a second press takes you to a page. This page. Realizing this difference forced me to redo the design of the menu system!)

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