notesStuff is a collection of, well, stuff that I want to publish or share, but which doesn’t quite fit under Raves or Rants.

It’s just stuff. That I want to share or publish. (A distinction is that the Raves and Rants are all posts or pages I wrote; a lot of this Stuff is not.)

So here you go. Some stuff.

Shared Works

The Code of Bushido  I picked up this text somewhere along the long path that extends behind me. It might have been from a video game, but the Code is real. It’s also real, if you know what I mean.

Gibbs’ Rules If you, like me, love NCIS then you know about Leroy Gibbs and his Rules. I’ve been keeping track of them; here’s my list. It’s another Code of behavior.

The “B” Word  This is a 1990 article by Judith Stone about the word, “bitch,” a word I still don’t care much for despite its prevalent use. The text had a home on my personal website since its early incarnations in the mid-90s, and has always been one of the most frequently viewed pages.

Resonant Poems

There some poems that have resonated deeply with me. I will likely eventually create separate pages for this handful of favorites. For now, here are links to the posts where I’ve written about them:

Desiderata  Max Ehrmann, 1927.  This one was big back in the 70s, although then it was supposedly “found in St. Paul’s cathedral.” It’s an amazing piece, filled with life advice that’s as on target today as it was nearly 100 years ago.

The Road Not Taken  Robert Frost, 1915.  This well-known, oft-cited poem struck major chords in me. It became one of the guiding principles of my life: always seek “the one less traveled.”

Invictus  William Ernest Henley, 1875.  One of several poems I encountered (and adopted as lifelong companions) in high school English class. This is a serious poem about adversity, courage and staying your course.

To His Coy Mistress  Andrew Marvell, 1650-ish.  What more can you say about a poem that exclaims, “Had we but world enough, and time,” then I would spend hundreds of years adoring each part of you. But we don’t (“at my back I always hear Time’s wingèd chariot hurrying near”), so let’s get it on, baby!

Et Cetera

From The Far Side A celebration of Gary Larson and The Far Side, a long-running comic beloved by STEM people.

L26 and L27 A piece about extending positional notation such that you can view any text string as a number. I first encountered this idea in Mind Tools, by Rudy Rucker, but a similar idea is found in The Library of Babel by Jorge Luis Borges.

“In Bed!” A brief piece about adding “in bed!” to the end of any fortune cookie fortune. I’ve been using the comment section to record all the fortunes I get to see if any just don’t work with the added phrase. So far they all do!

For The Record

Position Paper: Guns Laying out, once and for all, my feelings on guns and gun ownership (which, basically, I support with appropriate controls).

Position Paper: Abortion  Laying out my feelings on this hot-button topic [coming attraction]

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    You certainly are a word Smith. Also I watched cs cyber and came to the same conclusion what a load of junk. What is happening to tv. we have so much but so little worth watching. It’s now quantity over quality.

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