Brain Bubbles

Brain Bubbles are short articles that usually represent some passing thought(s) I want to capture or share. As it’s turned out, many of them are collections of even shorter thoughts that didn’t merit their own post.

Terry Prattchet has written of “inspiraton” particles that sleet though the universe and only occasionally intersect with a human mind. So then consider our brains as bubble chambers recording these fleeting, sleeting particles. Flashes of inspiration, bubbles marking the passing particles of thought.

Here’s the list of Brain Bubble articles:

  1. Art World vs Corporate World
  2. Lamestream Miberal Nedia
  3. Class Warfare
  4. Fugacious Nous
  5. Tiny Bubbles
  6. More Thoughtinos
  7. Peaches & Red Shirts
  8. RSVP
  9. Post Ed Notes
  10. Observing Primates
  11. Hints & Pomes
  12. Bring the Bubbly
  13. Monday Miscellany
  14. Tasty Bubbles
  15. Trifecta: Count of Three
  16. New Bubbles
  17. Pointers!
  18. Butt Heat
  19. Pixel Bubbles
  20. Touch Once
  21. Days Daze
  22. Ass-U-Me
  23. Creeped Out
  24. No Service
  25. Orange You Glad
  26. Invention’s Mom
  27. Far Less
  28. Bad Bubbles
  29. You Gotta Believe Me
  30. Not Exactly South
  31. Troll Bait
  32. Driving
  33. Oldest Trick in the Book
  34. Album of Faves
  35. Definition of Sanity
  36. Heaven and Hell
  37. Generation Gaps
  38. Fright Night
  39. Exceptional Thinking
  40. Down the Tubes
  41. Cookies Come Early
  42. Behind the Mask
  43. Anti-Batman
  44. Striking Things
  45. Jerky Jerks
  46. We’re the Ancestors!
  47. No More Drug Ads!
  48. Bubble Dump
  49. Political Bubbles
  50. Blog Bubbles
  51. Web Bubbles
  52. Orange Bubbles
  53. Fan Bubbles
  54. Touch Bubbles
  55. Thunder Bubbles
  56. Sour Bubbles
  57. Bemused Bubbles
  58. Foam
  59. Who Among Us
  60. Bad Signs

More to come…

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