BB #38: Fright Night

13 ghosts 1Even as a kid monster movies didn’t really frighten me. I just was never that impressed by Dracula or Frankenstein (let alone a Werewolf — a mere dog). The Creature from the Black Lagoon, the Blob, the Thing, giant insects, Harryhausen animations, even zombies… All such obvious effects.

Slasher movies weren’t that big when I was a kid. Jason, Freddie, Chucky, they all came along later. The first Saw wasn’t until 2004. And again, on some level, just special effects. That’s actually part of what’s cool about the gory movies.

But ghost stories? Ghost stories definitely get under my skin!

Maybe it’s that on some level I don’t buy into mythical  monsters. Human monsters, those are all too real, but the mythical ones seem just as silly to me as unicorns and pixies. I’m not saying they can’t be fun — they totally are fun! But that makes them part of play-time, not real-time.

Put on your Ghost Glasses!

Put on your Ghost Glasses!

And the thing about slasher films is that they tend to be either totally off the chain (making them mostly harmless fun), or eerily real and creepy. Less being more, it’s the psychological thrillers that affect me; gore-fests leave me mostly amused.

I know parents who can’t stand to watch stories where a child is endangered. I kind of have that with wives and girlfriends. As a rule I don’t find worrying about the safety of others — especially the innocent and vulnerable — entertaining or fun, so I don’t enjoy those kinds of movies (as a rule).

A good crime story can be a different thing — perhaps due to the reduced jeopardy of innocents. Crime stories tend to involve the guilty, and I love a good crime story (love Tarantino, for example). I particularly love a good crime caper involving the extremely clever execution of a (non-violent) crime.

Ghost Viewer/Remover!

Ghost Viewer/Remover!

But to the extent I ever ponder the reality of supernatural things — which is to say very rarely and with askance eyes — ghosts seem to make the cut as having a possible reality. Which is not to say I think they are — let me be clear about this: ghosts are not real!

But if you want to talk about things I can imagine being real, well, I can imagine ghosts. And ghosts are fun to imagine!

Ghosts present some problems: how is it they go through walls, but stand on floors? For that matter, how do they stay with an Earth that’s whizzing through space extremely fast? (And even bigger issue for time travelers.)

But you can just say that ghosts are attached to places and people.

Which makes sense (for some fun definition of “sense”). You could even suggest ghosts are resonances of the consciousness of others — the more urgent a person’s motive and cause, the more powerful the ghost.


Ultra Creepy!!

Which brings me to Ju-on, flat-out the scariest movie I’ve ever seen. The use of simple camera and staging tricks gives the movie a very effective purity.

Special effects can take you out of the story to admire the effect; a gripping story keeps you focused on the characters and plot.

The same director did a remake for audiences in the USA, The Grudge, and it’s pretty good, too. The Japanese version turns out to be the third movie in a popular franchise.

(I still think Ju-on is tops, though. It’s come around on cable a few times recently, but I haven’t been able to get up the gumption to watch it.)

The Ring is another film that got way under my skin. Also: great idea with the cursed video tape! That tape was its own little package of creepy. (And made for a pretty funny parody in Scary Movie 3. Also a cute episode of Castle.)

What Lies Beneath

Sexy + Creepy!

Another one high on my list is What Lies Beneath, in part due to the sexy Michelle Pfeiffer and the scary Harrison Ford, but mostly because it’s a pretty great ghost story.

Normally not the sort of plot line I’d get into (nasty husband, threatened wife), but the ghostly element made it something special. (And what a great ending! (Shhh! Spoilers!)

I suppose it’s possible this ghost story stuff is anchored in my past.

I did enjoy reading ghost stories as a kid, but was never really into monsters. And there was this one ghost movie back in the day that scared me so badly I had to go out and buy some candy!

It was a friend’s birthday party, and part of the party involved taking all the kids to see a movie: 13 Ghosts. (Which was remade fairly recently.)

13 ghosts 4

I need candy. Now!

Part of the plot involved special glasses that allowed you to see ghosts. The movie was in black and white (because we lived in Pleasantville), but when seeing what the wearer saw through the glasses, the movie went to a blue/red monochrome color scheme.

In fact, there was actually a gimmick where viewers could use blue glasses to make the ghosts invisible or red glasses to make them more visible.

The movie is also notable for co-starring Margaret Hamilton, the West Witch from that old Oz movie. In 13 Ghosts, it’s implied (but never confirmed) that her character is a witch!

That movie scared me so badly I just had to get up and go buy some candy! Nothing like a good ghost story to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up!

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8 responses to “BB #38: Fright Night

  • Hariod Brawn

    ‘Ghosts present some problems: how is it they go through walls, but stand on floors?

    You’re sounding like Woody Allen today WS:

    “As the poet said, ‘Only God can make a tree,’ probably because it’s so hard to figure out how to get the bark on.”

    Anyway, what about the ghost in the machine, the machine that is you? 😮

  • dianasschwenk

    What is about people that they enjoy being scared Smitty?

    • Wyrd Smythe

      I think it has to do with liking the adrenaline rush. Some people don’t (at all), but some do, and those that do seem to like different flavors of it. I’ve known people who really hated roller coasters and they often don’t like any kind of adrenaline rush. Maybe frightful stories let people experience the rush without the physical peril actual danger has? I know people who would be terrified to skydive, but they like — at least some kind of — scary movies.

  • Maggie Wilson

    As a general rule, I don’t watch the horror flicks. If I am lucky, I’ll be able to NOT suspend disbelief. Instead, I’ll fend off the frights by focusing on the special effects. Or poke fun at the lame story line. Or something.

    But if I’m pulled into the story, watch out. Candy won’t help me. Wouldn’t hurt, but it won’t help! I don’t need the aggravation, for surely that’s the end result. I will relive the fear/torment/struggle for days on end. Who needs that?

    The one film that scared the *bleep* outta me was The Man with the X-Ray Eyes starring Ray Milland. I watched it on TV. The special effects of his blacked-out eyeballs… [shudder]

    As I recall, I was babysitting at the time. I turned of the toob and ran to the stash of chocolate bars kept in the fridge.

    • Wyrd Smythe

      It’s funny how there can be one thing that really gets under our skin in a big way. My sister had a serious fright of the Ghost of Christmas Future from the Mr. Magoo Christmas Carol pointing at the future grave of Scrooge. It was the skeletal hand, shaking, extended… I used to be able to freak her out just by doing it.

      Me, I couldn’t watch Lassie as a young kid. I was always afraid something would happen to the dog! It hadn’t sunk in on me that, especially in those days, the star of the show was always alright in the end. 🙂

  • Maggie Wilson

    HA! I haven’t thought of Mr. Magoo for decades! I can recall that shaking hand exactly! It was the future ghost that got to me, too. It was silent, for one thing, and Scrooge was more tormented in this scenario than with the past and present ghosts.

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