BB #48: Bubble Dump

BrainFireGovernments and corporations will choose Friday as the day to release news that makes them uncomfortable. The logic is that people don’t pay attention to the news on Friday because they’re getting ready for the weekend.

Even if people do notice an uncomfortable news item, the hope is the weekend erases it from the 24-hour news cycle. Given our increasingly short memories these days, the logic works.

So I’ve decided to join in with my own info dump!

However, the only discomfort here may be from the sheer banality or triviality (or complete pointlessness) of the items that follow. At the beginning of each year I resolve to reduce the growing pile of notes and post ideas. (Or at least whip them into reasonable shape.)

notesWhat follows are some of the ones I’ve decided just aren’t singing to me. As I read them, I either don’t see much of a post, or I find I’m just not that invested in the idea.

But I hate to just toss them; they each have a certain something that made me write them down and save them. (I’m old-fashioned and still use pen and paper a lot.)

So here they are, dumped on an unsuspecting interweb. Given everything that’s dumped on it regularly, I’m sure it won’t mind. But you may regret wasting time reading this post. You won’t know that until you finish, so oops!


“Life is a series of proactive & reactive moves that, depending on the person’s point of view, seeks to minimize pain and maximize pleasure. (Note that those are not always opposing goals.)”

Well, yes, that’s true, Wyrd, but… kinda obvious and therefore trivial, isn’t it? I mean, it isn’t really going anywhere…

Yeah, but I really liked that line about “proactive & reactive moves” — it’s a cool wyrd play. But, yeah, it never led to anything.


“There’s a weird sense of disconnect that Feminism is the name of the fight against a problem, but Racism is the name of a problem.”

(Language can confuse you. Baby oil isn’t made from babies, nor are girl scout cookies made from Girl Scouts. Always ask to see any -ism’s id.)

((Someday I’ll write about a fundamental disconnect that occurs in both movements. Feminists must reconcile the needs of women (in drug testing, for example) with the idea of parity with men. Members of other races need to reconcile the idea of national identity with the idea of assimilation and parity.))


“The age-old advice to ‘Walk it off’ isn’t usually good advice (although ‘Laughing it off’ can sometimes be). Kids follow our lead. I’ve seen it happen many times that a kid will get slightly hurt while playing. They look to the nearest authoritative adult to see how to react.

“If the adult over-reacts, so does the kid. If the adult treats it as not a big deal, so does the kid. (Obviously a real injury needs to be addressed promptly, but calmness is still important.)

“On the flip side, I was always very freaked out by the dentist, but my dad’s response was to say it was no big deal and that he often fell asleep in the dentist’s chair. Wasn’t that helpful, since I couldn’t see how to pull that off. Mostly it made me feel something was wrong with me.”

Oh, well. So it goes. It’s good advice about kids, though.


“I don’t wear a watch. I haven’t for 20, maybe 30, years. I also don’t wear jewelry (not since I was in high school, anyway). It just doesn’t interest me.

“Of course, these days, few wear a watch anymore (not a plain old watch, anyway). I do have a cell phone I carry when I go out (because just try to find a phone booth these days).

“Thing is, when I wear a watch, it has to be analog. I only care that it’s about a quarter to five not that it’s 4:47:13.”

My buddy has been telling me about a watch that has a single dial that slowly sweeps the clock face once every 24 hours. That’s my kinda watch!


“I don’t get the ‘rush to exit’ behavior at sporting events, concerts, and on airplanes that have landed (or in movies or even church). People get up and… end up standing in line waiting to exit.

“Especially on airplanes, I’m comfy in my seat with my book (never fly without one). I wait until the way is clear and then walk out like I own the place.

“Why feel like a cow when you can feel like a king?”

But don’t you all do it, or it’ll be ruined.

One time, at the Hollywood Bowl, waiting in a massive crowd to get in, when they opened the gates and we started slowly trickling in, I began to moo. Others around picked up on it, and after a while we had a large chuck of people all mooing as we made our way in.


“Isn’t it nice when commercial ads are info about something you might need rather than scams designed to trick you into parting with your money for something you don’t?

“These ads essentially prey on people!

“And I especially hate it when they use good old rock ‘n’ roll tunes to do it.”

I’m not quite 24 hours into a project of writing down the names of the prescription drugs being hawked at me on the TV machine. So far: Namenda, Novartus, Harvoni, Viagra, Humira, Cialis, Stelara, Prevagen, Victoza. Nine, and counting.


“When you watch a re-run of a TV show you never watched in the first place, why is it always the one episode you have seen?

“There’s selection bias, I’m sure, but it seems to happen all the time!”

It happened again just the other day.


“All the rooms in my house are rectangular! Coincidence? Evil Plot? Intelligent Design?”

Yeah, I don’t know why I saved that one, either.

It reminds me a bit of what happened to an early LSD researcher who’d tried the drug on himself. At one point he had a very profound idea, which he wrote down. The next day, after the trip, he looked at the note. Which read: “The room smells funny.”


“Science Fiction Movie Idea #526: What if artists and other driven people “knew” future generations studied them and that’s what drives them. What if these people somehow felt the pull of future history? If the future is fixed and, in some sense, exists already, then “echoes” might somehow be felt in the past.”

Actually writing the story sounds boring to me, so feel free to use the idea if you like. I hereby grant it to the public domain.

««dump ends»»

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2 responses to “BB #48: Bubble Dump

  • Steve Morris

    Hmm. Bit of a mixed bag. You might be on to something with your rectangular room conspiracy hypothesis though. Some of the rooms in my house are non-quadrilateral polygons. For instance, the office I’m working in right now has 5 sides. My TV lounge has 6 walls, or 9 if you include the chimney breast. What do you make of that?

    • Wyrd Smythe

      I think it appears saving that note was worthwhile after all if it prompted at least one comment from readers! XD

      I also think your house must have been designed and built by drunk Norwegians. (I can say that because I’m a drunk Norwegian. Sometimes I even forget to close my parentheses.

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