BB #60: Bad Signs

Well, it’s been two weeks. Things still seem very unsettled and chaotic. It’s not an obvious disaster, yet, but many of the signs aren’t encouraging. If it does turn out pear-shaped, we might look back at this early indicator:


I’m surprised no one picked up on this…

There are three human beings in the frame of that shot. All three share at least two characteristics. I’ll give you a hint: All are male, and all are white. #justsaying

Not even his FLOTUS-elect was allowed in shot. Interesting priorities.

I can only say that, at this point, I still hate this guy, and I still think he’s a monster. And I think he’s incompetent and an idiot. Nothing so far has changed my thinking on that.

And the early signs don’t seem good:

  • Promised to “drain the swamp” and end crony-ism in Washington, but so far has nominated cronies and establishment figures. And also one outright Nazi.
  • Supposedly a management expert who will hire the best people to get the job done. No sign of that so far.
  • Hasn’t done much to repudiate the hateful racist rhetoric of the campaign.
  • Still involved in silly Twitter wars (some think to distract from other news).
  • Still apparently going after the media in dictator-ish ways.

I do wonder if we haven’t made the biggest fucking mistake in politics of our lifetimes. I am not encouraged this turns out well.

And it’s starting to become clear that, in huge part, we can blame the interweb for this one. Facebook. Twitter. Truth and human decency never had a chance.

Those who work with addiction talk about the need to hit “rock bottom” before you wake up to the absolute requirement of change. (That bit that defines insanity as doing the same thing comes from addiction recovery.)

Maybe this is our rock bottom. Maybe now you interweb-aholics will begin to realize the powerful danger of your narcotic. Maybe now you’ll wake up to the need for personal change.

Well, I can dream, can’t I?

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