BB #15: Trifecta: Count of Three

You never know what will bubble up when you poke around the interweb. I was browsing about, a bit blurry after couch snoozing all morning, and stumbled on a writing contest that tickled my fancy.

It’s funny how an idea can spring to life nearly fully formed after being seeded with an idea.

The seed that fertilized my mind was the current contest on the Trifecta Writing Challenge. The challenge went thusly:

This weekend we are challenging you to write 33 of your own words to build upon the following:

On the count of three…

You can choose to include those words if you want, but they do not count toward the 33 words of your own.

What suddenly bubbled up in my brain was this:

On the Count of Three, the Rabbit Fur Cloak looked just right, no more, no less. The Count of Four had tried it, but it hadn’t suited him well at all. He was just too big; on him, it looked more like a cape. The Count of Two had tried it on first, but clearly it needed to pass to Three. The Count of Five was sitting right outside (having a smoke), so he never got the chance to try it on.

Now that they’d sorted out who should wear the Cloak, they were ready to go before the Holy Hand at his palace in Antioch and lobby for aid to fight their foes. They only hoped they would be able to distract him from his current obsession: measuring the air speeds of birds, especially swallows.

This little tale brought to you by some sleeting, fleeting Inspiraton particle that intersected with one of my brain cells.

And now across the room I hear, a couch calling my name, so softly, so seductively.

“Stay bubbly my friends!”

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