Minnesota Bern!

Minnesota CaucusWell, ya, sure, you betcha! I just gotta say that I couldn’t be more pleased that my state, good old Minnesota, is the first one to show some good old-fashioned common sense! We’re the first one to say No! to the strange political circus that has everyone in thrall.

In his speech last night, Trump bragged that he’d won a bunch (it was just incredible; tremendous; America’s gonna be great again) and done no worse than second place otherwise.

Not so fast there, Donnie Boy! Feel the Bern from Minnesota!

For the record, I don’t align with either major party — I tend to fall more in the Libertarian-Independent zone (and definitely in the Librarian zone, especially the independent ones).

Minnesota Ds

Feel the Bern!

I usually (but not always) end up voting Democrat in order to make my vote count and to vote against a candidate I think is worse.

Most election cycles I have to choose between worse and less-worse.

But since I won’t sign the Party Platform Pledge, I can’t participate in the Minnesota Caucuses. We do have an open caucus, but you have to sign a pledge that you agree — overall — with the party platform.

I don’t agree with either party’s platform enough, and both parties piss me off so much I refuse to align with either (it took years for me to get the Democratic party to stop calling me).

Minnesota Rs

Feel the burn!

When it comes to small government, gun rights, law enforcement, or fiscal conservatism, I tend to lean towards the right.

When it comes to civil and gender rights, I tend to lean towards the left.

When it comes to personal liberty (and responsibility), I’m strongly Libertarian.

When it comes to books, I’m totally Librarian.

Overall, I’m Independent.

As I’ve said many times, that Frost poem (and a few others) deeply informs my choices in life.

Now that at least one state has handed The Donald a third-place slot, will others come along?

Will the pending onslaught of a GOP establishment last-ditch effort to unseat their apparent nominee make any dent in his armor at all?

Minnesota smarts

So proud of Minnesota right now!

And speaking of apparent nominees, how long will Bernie Sanders stay in the race? The odds of him winning are minuscule. Not impossible, but about as improbable as the chances of him accomplishing his platform should he win.

Democratic turn-out has been lower than hoped during the primary. I suspect it’s due to others like me who see issues with both candidates but also would be fine with either. I don’t have strong feelings either way.

But come November when it’s Donald Trump versus Hillary Sanders or Bernie Clinton, then the same fervor driving Trump will likely also infect those who will vote against him.

Idiocracy documentary

O. M. G.

I suspect there is no current GOP candidate that won’t get killed in the general election. The Republican party has gotten itself in deep trouble, which is what happens when you cut your nose off to spite your face.

Whatever else, this is the most interesting Presidential Election I’ve seen in my lifetime. (But remember the ancient curse about living in interesting times.)

And I still can’t decide if Trump actually would make a decent President (because he’d turn into his real businessman self and be good and dismay the crap out of all those who voted for him).

Or if this — as it feels — is the beginning of Idiocracy coming to life.

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20 responses to “Minnesota Bern!

  • Wyrd Smythe

    CNN, per their usual low standard of journalism, is having newsgasms all day because another piece of MH370, the flight that vanished way back on March 8, 2014 (nearly two years ago!), was just found washed up in Mozambique.

    What I especially loved was the talking news head on CNN going on about the “horizontal stabilizer” (which was the piece found)… all while pointing to the vertical stabilizer.

    Yikes. The state of journalism is depressing!

  • dianasschwenk

    Trump contradicts himself too much. I don’t trust him and wouldn’t know how to predict anything he might or might not do in the future. I laughed at the Alaska result. Looks like the Sarah Palin endorsement of Trump backfired! ❤
    Glad you're staying calm for the both of us Smitty.
    Diana xo

  • Rob

    Wyrd, I have been enjoying your posts for the last few months. It brightens my day to read your well written “meaty words” on a variety of topics, especially the articles about this mess of a political season. With that said here a couple of links that I found very enlightening (or entertaining) that I hope you might enjoy.

    Thanks again for taking the time to skillfully write your articles and for the critical thinking that you put into your interweb interactions!

    John Oliver’s dissection of he who shall not be mentioned: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DnpO_RTSNmQ

    The rise of American authoritarianism:

    • Wyrd Smythe

      Well, thank you, I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog!

      I like (and watch) John Oliver (although I wish he’d learn to stop giggling at his own jokes 😀 ). I also like Samantha Bee, who has a new show on TBS. Both of them do some really hysterical stuff!

      But in both cases I wish they weren’t leaning quite so hard to the left; at times I feel their views are a bit slanted. Jon Stewart was a master at taking on both sides, and I don’t think anyone else has been quite as good at it. (But that’s just me.)

      I think that Vox post is dead-on. I’ve said many times that Trump is just a symptom; its his supporters that concern me (for exactly the reasons in the post).

      I do think there’s more to the picture than just authoritarianism. Per Maslow, humans always crave control (sovereignty) over their lives. We’ve seen the rise of authoritarianism before. This time we also have the power of social media (especially Twitter), and we have a populace stoned to the gills on reality television.

      Combine a stressful economy and social environment with the sense of conflict and unreality that reality television creates, toss in the nitro-fuel of Twitter, and we’re off to the crazy races.

      One of the times something anything like this happened it started World War II. #justsaying

  • Wyrd Smythe

    Oh, my! Mittens Attacks!

    I’m not sure which is more interesting (remember that curse!): Romney’s speech (which was one hell of a white paper) or the media reactions (scurry ants, scurry!) or what comes next…

    Mitt planted a nice landmine in the speech when he said to watch how Trump reacts. Will The Donald dodge the danger or dive directly in?

    We live in interesting times! o_O

    • Lady from Manila

      Hi Wyrd! Right, there goes Mitt [deleted] again.

      Although the signal has been weak here since last night, I still managed to watch the video of his speech and read the backlash from both the media and site commenters.

      He hasn’t said anything the U.S. citizens don’t already know about Trump and he sounded as if his fellow Americans who’ve been supporting the front-runner are mostly low-information voters who don’t possess enough faculties to choose or make decisions for themselves without such “enlightenment” from the party.

      • Wyrd Smythe

        [Please, no overt name-calling here. Romney is due at least some measure of respect.]

        Romney’s speech really wasn’t aimed at Trump’s supporters but at those who haven’t decided or are still mulling it over. It was a call for everyone else to rally.

        It does appear that, once one overcomes whatever revulsion one feels for Trump and joins “the movement,” the conversion to a cult of personality is complete and lasting. Once one gives up their rational grounding and joins what currently amounts to a religion, one’s soul is lost, and logic no longer applies — there is no argument that will have any effect.

        Which is the quintessential definition of a religious cult.

        And everything depends on who the leader of the cult really is as a person. Maybe he would make a good President, but I am repealed and revolted by the apparent character of the person I’ve seen so far. I’m not sure I believe winning is justified by sinking to those depths.

    • Lady from Manila

      I merely used a term which means silly or stupid, according to the dictionary. A term which you’ve also used many times in your posts so I thought it wouldn’t pose a problem. Alright, it won’t be used by me here again. Deal. 🙂

      • Wyrd Smythe

        When I call someone — or more typically something — stupid, I can back it up with a good argument. Unless there is a good argument that Mitt Romney is either “silly” or “stupid,” calling him a “twit” comes off as an unjustified gratuitous insult, especially when it involves word-play with his name. There’s room for lots of disagreement with Mitt Romney, but it’s very hard to argue he’s an idiot.

        More importantly, bad behavior on my part doesn’t excuse it for anyone else. If I let my anger and frustration with the world get the better of me sometimes, that’s my bad and something I’m trying to outgrow.

        There is also that it’s my blog (and my rules! 🙂 ) and the only one around here who gets to rant and vent is me. Everyone else has to behave (or I’ll disappear them with my virtual black helicopters 😎 ). There’s only room for one asshole around here, and I’m it!

    • Lady from Manila

      I was merely trying to inject a little humour, Wyrd. The word “twit” seemed harmless, imo. Although I do have a low opinion of Romney and his recent move since he evidently wants Trump to fail miserably like him — out of jealousy (obviously) and revenge for the Bushes, and at the same time prop up his colleagues in the Establishment who are desperately holding on to their political elitism and holier-than-thou facades.

      I’ve always been aware of your strong enmity for Trump — something that we’ve both long recognized we don’t see eye to eye with, but as I’ve said before, I come here simply for sharing of info, thoughts and opinions without intention to raise your hackles at all.

      I’ll keep in mind the hovering black helicopters and try to dodge the propellers 😉 . I’ve been a “good” girl all my life I’ve fancied an amendment in my discourse style. Now that was tongue-in-cheek; don’t take it so seriously. 🙂

      • Wyrd Smythe

        “I was merely trying to inject a little humour, Wyrd. The word “twit” seemed harmless, imo.”

        Both assertions are contrary to my values, as frequently expressed here. Name calling is not humorous to adults, and “stupid” is not a harmless term.

        “I’ve always been aware of your strong enmity for Trump…”

        Started that way, then I began to wonder, began to listen more carefully to him, began to wonder more, but in the last week or so, after much consideration, I’ve realized my original antipathy was correct. It really doesn’t matter who he might turn out to be; what he’s acting like right now, whether it be genuine or not, is too reprehensible to me.

      • Lady from Manila

        No chance we can lighten up over all this political chat? 🙂 You know me so well by now: opinionated and straightforward.. You’re the only one in our blogworld I choose to trust with my thoughts and who understands me the most. In the same vein I’ve been doing my best to understand you. But you have to agree: I’m the one with the more challenging task. 😉

        Wyrd, c’mon, let’s lighten up a bit on the subject of Trump. He’s never gonna win, anyway.
        Smile for me now.

      • Wyrd Smythe

        “I’ve been doing my best to understand you.”

        I’m not sure that’s possible. Our value systems appear to be too different.

    • Lady from Manila

      Well, I have to agree with you on that. I’m happy with my preferences and I can’t unlove Trump. 🙂

  • ~ Sadie ~

    Hey WS! I did vote in the Primary – just had to 🙂 I know Bernie’s chances are low, but I keep hoping! The Frost poem is one of my favs, too – I have always taken the road less traveled . . .

    I have been watching all the town halls and debates, & I make my notes, just haven’t been motivated to write about it much – lots of introspection, though. Wondering why I’m still in Texas . . . 😉

    • Wyrd Smythe

      I’m sure there’s a parallel world where everyone bands together, elects Sanders to the W.H., and forces Congress to enact his plans… I’m just not sure it’s this reality. (But it could… it’s not impossible!)

      You Texans have a(n open) primary rather than a caucus; I definitely would have voted if we did! I don’t like the caucus process when it doesn’t involve a private vote (a fundamental right), plus in Minnesota there’s that pledge thing.

      Texas, despite their politics, is a-okay in my book. I’ve been there a few times and thoroughly enjoyed it each time. (It helped that each time I visited friends who lived there and took me to the best Tex-Mex places… my favorite food! 🙂 ) On the other hand, with global warming (which is, like, totally a real thing) it’s gonna start gettin’ mighty toasty down there!

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