Colored Chalk Wishes

Yesterday I mentioned that someone had used colored chalk to leave some happy thoughts written on the asphalt pathway that winds through one of the local parks. Those simple signs, because of their content and because of the positive spirit behind them, really put a big grin on my face.

When I walk, I try to take a different path every day, only repeating when I’ve exhausted all possibilities. But yesterday I decided that today I’d retrace my steps and take pictures of those signs.

Without further ado, colored chalk wishes to help us smile:

These are in the order encountered from the park entrance:

The messages occur every 50 feet or so, shorter distances at first and longer (and less ornate) as the author got tired or ran out of messages (as you see, there are no repeats).

They made me smile as much today as they did yesterday.

A friend of mine mentioned she’s seen it in her neighborhood, too, so I think maybe it’s going around.

It’s a nice idea. I just wish I’d found some colored chalk of my own.


So thanks to the local artist who contributed these smiles. Just what we need!

It’s supposed to rain tonight and all day tomorrow, which is why I made a point of retracing my steps today with a camera. Now her work is immortalized. (It is a her. She did sign her work at one point, but I’m assuming she’s young, so I’m protecting her privacy.)

Near the end of my walk, far from the park, on a freeway overpass I found some more chalk messages from (I think) the same artist. I’ll leave you with those:

Hard to see in the bright sunlight, but a good message, I think. (That’s my shadow on the lower right.)

Stay positive, my friends!

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