Winter Solstice 2020

As I write this, it’s been almost eight hours since the Winter Solstice passed. (It was at 10:03 UTC.) Here we are, the first official day of winter, and it’s not looking good for a White Christmas:

Not only no snow, but it friggin’ rained this morning!

Not good at all. Unless you hate winter and shoveling!

I don’t really have a post today, but I do like to commemorate what I see as the only really important holiday of the year: The Winter Solstice and the (eventual) return of the Light.

I don’t mind there being no snow. It’s easier this way, although I do enjoy going out and “playing” in it (read: shoveling my sidewalk and driveway, which I really do enjoy).

I’ll be dog-sitting my pal, Bentley, for ten days in January, and I’m hoping the weather stays this decent. We usually experience our annual “winter thaw” in mid-January (and then it gets nasty again in February), so I’ve got my fingers crossed for some good dog-walking weather.


Regular readers might remember my Hail, Yes! (redux) post from August. We got some good sized hail:

I put those stones in my freezer, and they’ve been there slowly sublimating ever since.

They’re down to a mere pebble of their former glory:

Yes, there were three. Bentley ate one. I gave it to her as a snack after a warm walk. Ever watch a dog try to eat an ice cube? Priceless.

I figured they’d done their time in my freezer, so, since it’s been chilly enough for them, I let them return to the wild. Put them outside so they could play.

Apparently they ran off. I looked for them a few hours later, but there was no sign. They may have been attracted to one of the frozen lakes in the area. I assume they’re having a good time.


It would be pretty ironic if the only winter we see is that bit way back in October (huh; exactly two months ago today):

We’ve been snow-free ever since. No snow for Thanksgiving. Mother Nature has only a few days left if she intends to stage a White Christmas.

And I have to say, there is something very lovely about the falling snow… the first few times it happens in a season. Kinda starts to get old, though, after that.

§ §

Apropos of absolutely nothing whatsoever, this (fairly) recent xckd cartoon, as so many of them do, really summed up my feelings about horror movies.

The extra joke popup text for this one reads:

“”Isn’t the original Jurassic Park your favorite movie of all time?” “Yes, but that’s because I like dinosaurs and I WANT there to be an island full of them. If John Hammond’s lab had been breeding serial killers in creepy masks, I wouldn’t have watched!” “Wait, are you sure? That could actually be good.” “Ok, I WOULD watch the scenes where Jeff Goldblum tries to convince a bunch of executives that the park is a bad idea.””

Which explains why I like some horror movies. For instance, I’ve enjoyed the Alien and Predator movies. They’re not my favorite sort of thing, but they’re okay.

(I do like that, unlike certain other kinds of violent thrillers (cough, Marvel, cough, Star Wars), horror movies are more personal. I don’t have to watch thousands die for my entertainment.)

As I’ve said before, I’m not big on dinosaurs, so the Jurassic Park movies didn’t do a lot for me. (The first one was pretty good, I thought.)

I did like The Cabin in the Woods. That’s my kind of horror movie (to the extent any horror movie is my kind of movie). Small and personal, a mystery behind intent. Not just monsters, but motivated monsters. I’ve also really enjoyed the Final Destination movies — those (at least the first few) are really clever, and I like the lack of a physical nemesis.

On the other hand, I’ve never been a fan of slasher movies. I’ve never seen any of the Freddie, Jason, or whatnot, movies. Just no interest.


Speaking of movies, I’ll leave you with The Art of Self-Defense, a 2019 film starring Jesse Eisenberg. I really enjoyed it (and will review it soon) and recommend it to anyone who loves small dark comedies.

I thought it was going to be more like American Ultra, an off-kilter action movie that I really loved. Self-Defense is nothing like that, but it turned out to be one of those little gems that delights. (I try to avoid knowing too much about a new movie or book, so I had no idea.)

§ §

On that note, welcome to the official start of Winter. May this holiday season warm your spirit and bring you joy.

And take heart! The Sun-eating Space Dragons have been run off to hibernate. The Sun will heal and bring forth Spring and Summer once again.

Seems like a really good time for a party!

Stay safe, my friends! Go forth and spread beauty and light.

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