Hail, Yes! (redux)

Way back when (over eight years ago!) I shared a picture of some wild hail. Last night another big boomer passed through the Twin Cities, and the hail was the biggest I’ve personally yet experienced:

Apparently some folks got baseball-sized hail. (I saw a picture in a local news article — hail stone side by side with a baseball. That would do some serious damage. The stones I was getting were plenty loud as it was!)

I just had to step outside (in my underwear) and grab a few of the bigger ones. Stuck them in my freezer. Maybe I’ll actually put them in a soda or something. (Or just take them out and admire them once in a while.)


For a couple of hours, it was quite a lightning show. No major ground strikes around me (and thankfully no power outages like a few weeks ago). I do love it when the lightning never stops — constant electrical activity!

I just love weather!

Stay safe, my friends! Wear your masks — COVID-19 is airborne!

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4 responses to “Hail, Yes! (redux)

  • AthenaC

    On my side of the area, we just got really heavy rain and no hail. Which was good, because we DID get hail last fall, and our entire neighborhood basically got a Very Expensive facelift, paid for by our respective insurance companies. Seriously – pretty much everyone got a new roof and new siding, including us.

    I would hate to see what would happen if we all needed repairs yet again.

    • Wyrd Smythe

      If it had gotten much bigger, I would have really started to worry. I have a skylight in my living room ceiling. It takes the full brunt of the hail, and I’d hate to have a big hole in my living room ceiling during a major thunderstorm!

      Started off as jelly bean size, but then got bigger (and louder). Biggest I’ve ever seen, that’s for sure!

  • Wyrd Smythe

    They’re still in my freezer, slowly sublimating away…

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