Birds and Bernie

Birdie Sanders 1

Bernie Sanders receives an endorsement from Finches!

So… The week began with a bomb in Brussels and a baseball game in Cuba. On one side of the Earth, images of terror and oppression; on the other, images of joy and freedom. It forms a literal global Yin-Yang reflecting the best and worst of human goals and actions.

From such high stakes and matters of import, the week quickly descended into the sewer, as the National Embarrassment led the Republican Party to new lows this election cycle.

It’s pretty unbelievable what’s been passing for politics with Republicans.

We’ve gone from insulting groups, to insulting others, and now to insulting the wives of others. And — specifically — to insulting the looks of wives.

Yin-Yang 2016-03-22To borrow a phrase: O. M. G.

Also: W. T. F.

What no one seems to mention is that the Trump-Wife and the Trump-Daughter are fashion models who’ve done any manner of cheesecake. Pointing that out with pictures from a published magazine isn’t really an attack (unless they’re ashamed of the pictures).

The attack is the idea that such a past is inappropriate for a FLOTUS. Voters will have to decide what they think about that. USAnians can be prudish about that sort of thing, but times have changed a lot.

Maybe GOP voters care about the optics involved. They seem awfully concerned about optics when it comes to President Obama or other Democrats.

But that sinks us down to the look of things, and what should matter is their substance.

Still, when it comes to great optics backed with great substance (and no shortage of joy and hope), the week ended on a pretty delightful note:

Birdie Sanders 2

It closes a weird wooly week with yet another Yin-Yang picture, this one reflecting our politics. The dark, fearful Yin of what is offered by one contrasted with the bright, joyful Yang of what is offered by the other.

Step into the Yang, my friends!

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