Instant Winter


Winter has arrived!
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Knowing me, you’d be pretty sure I couldn’t resist posting on 12/12/12, the last Golden Date of this century. If I was going to post anything this month, surely I’d come out of hiatus (even if just briefly) for that! On the other hand, knowing me, you’d know I have a really strong and stubborn contrarian streak and would be even more likely to defy expectations and not post!

Of course, if you really knew me, then you’d know that I knew you knew that I’d know you knew that I… um… wait,… lost my place there.

The point is, knowing or not knowing isn’t the point; the point is snowing!  As in, “It was.” All of a sudden, like. A lot!


Dec. 7, It begins!

Folks who live in these parts (or who read this recent blog post) know we  had a pretty wimpy winter last year. As I mentioned in that previous post, I watch for three milestones. Will it snow by: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas.

Last year it barely snowed at all, let alone on Christmas.  This year we got a brief dusting late Thanksgiving day, and naturally it didn’t last.

As of Friday, December 7th (Pearl Harbor Day and my sister’s birthday — I’m fairly certain there’s no connection), there was no snow. And then a light dusting began.


Dec. 9, OMG!

When I woke up Sunday morning (well, okay, around noon), there it was: Instant Winter; just add a south-kinked jet stream meeting up with hot, moist air from the gulf, and “Hey, Presto!!”

I have friends and family “down South” that I wanted to share the first snowfall pics with.

Pre-blogging days, I used to whip up a new page on my personal website. But now that I have a blog, I can share with the world (ain’tcha just thrilled).


Shoveling for fun and exercise (but no profit).

So this is one of those “Dear Diary” entries mostly intended to mark the coming of winter and to share with friends.

The first snowfall of the season is (at least to me) enjoyable (it gets old after a few months). Naturally I headed outside to play!

As for The Hiatus, I think for the next five months I’m going to have to try to be on reduced status. I definitely can’t post daily, but I’ll shoot for weekly (no promises). I still have a lot of material to write and publish before I reach the bottom of the hill.


I did my bit. The plow guys can do the rest!

What I’ve realized is ailing me blogwise is that The Job is stealing my words.

My new position involves at least as much communication (with blind, deaf and dumb people) as it does design. And because we’re starting up a huge new system, right now there’s way more communication necessary than I’ve ever experienced before. (Some of my co-workers spend nearly 40 hours of their work week in meetings.)

So, bottom line, I’m just talked out. Brain Drained.


Dec. 10, sunshine today!!

And as a hard-core introvert (who lives alone), I’m not used to communicating with people this much. Now I understand why the first few months, as I was getting used to this, I’d come home from work and crash on the couch!

I took a week off in November. The plan (ha!) was that I could spend a whole week working on articles I could polish and post over the next couple months.

Mostly what I did — all week — was crash on the couch.


Icicles already?!?!

It actually kinda makes sense. It’d been a long and kinda tough decade-and-a-half.

In the last 15 years, I’ve: met “the one” and fallen in love (again); gotten engaged; sold my place; gotten married (and become a step-father); changed jobs; gone through 9/11 (I was born in NYC); discovered my marriage was a mistake; had my department closed, 60 days to find a new position, found it on day 58; gotten divorced, moved out, bought a new place; had a beloved dog (best one ever) die earlier than expected; had my job eliminated (again!), 45 days to find a new one, found it on day 7.

And so it looks like the last job of my career will be one of the least-liked (and that’s saying something; I’ve liked most of my jobs over the years).


Love how the wet snow sticks to the trees! (And breaks branches and brings down power lines.)

Oh, well, so it goes. Sometimes the dragon wins.

I really can’t complain. I’ve always had decent health, a roof over my head, food on my table and money in my pocket. [We’re entering the Thanksgiving Post part of this post.]

I somehow managed to never have grabbed the gold ring (or at least never managed to hold on to it), but in most other regards my life has been pretty cushy and nice. I am very aware and thankful of that.

My Machine

So I’m building this machine…

And I may be nearly deaf, very near-sighted, rather short and definitely prone to weight gain (not a great combo), and I may have no visible arches to speak of, but I was given a good mind, and that has been my blessing.

(I couldn’t avoid reading an article today about some actress I’d never heard of saying her breasts were her big selling point. My mind is my “breasts” so to speak.)

And I have had a great deal of fun in life! If I died tomorrow (not that I’m planning on it), I wouldn’t feel I’d missed anything I’d really wanted to see (except for that All-30 MLB ball park tour I have planned for retirement).

Exhibit Hall

Which I might exhibit in this special hall.

So, bottom line: this shit’s alright.

One last bit of news: I returned to an old friend recently. The friend in question is a 3D ray tracing application, called POV-Ray. It’s a freeware tool that allows you to design scenes and then render them.

You’ll likely be seeing some of my work down the road.

3D Studio

Step into my studio!

The thing that was funny is that, after I’d downloaded an installed POV-Ray, I copied my old files (from the last time I played with the app) from archive into my workspace.

I smiled to notice the file dates: December 2006.  Apparently something about December drives me to play with computer-designed graphics!

I’ve included a few early samples of stuff I’m working on.

You can probably tell them from the snow pictures!

So pretty how the flash captures the snowflakes!

So pretty how the flash captures the snowflakes!

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18 responses to “Instant Winter

  • The Green Study

    Well, look who popped his head up – it’s Puxatawny Wyrd. There must be four more months of winter left. Have a good holiday season! I personally want to snooze through it, the Mayan end of the world and whatever catastrophic new year is predicted. Am enjoying the snow, though!

    • Wyrd Smythe

      Does that mean I end up with Andie MacDowell? Cool! 😀

      I don’t mind winter; I can dress for it. When it’s 90 degrees and 90% humidity… you can’t dress for that! I did notice when I walked out of work tonight that the air felt a lot warmer, and the snowbanks are looking a little slumped and rounded. Be funny if this all goes away by Christmas.

  • dianasschwenk

    Hey Smitty – welcome back, if only for 12-12-12! First snow falls are always so pretty. 🙂

  • Snoring Dog Studio

    Thank you for the visit! I’m glad to hear you’re doing fine, though not loving the JOB. Yes. I can relate to that. That’s why I need to work at the life beyond the JOB. Love the snowy scenes. All we’re getting here is rain almost everyday.

    • Wyrd Smythe

      Rain doesn’t sound like much fun! As much of a pain as winter can sometimes be, I do really enjoy the extreme change of seasons. And that global warming thing has made winters a lot less painful around here. I can’t remember the last winter in which it was -20 or lower for a week or more. One day — ONE DAY — of -20 is kind of interesting and bracing (“brisk” as we Minnesnowtans say), but a week of it has a pretty high pain index. Tough on cars, too.

      Rain, rain, go away!
      Bring some snow, so we can play!!

  • It's only P!

    Old fans never die, ha! I just thought of that when I saw Diana’s face with the ‘Like this’ crowd.

    Simply adore the last picture! Am glad that The Netherlands usually only get a few inches of snow at a time. Quite rarely a foot or more!

    I loved reading your ‘from the heart’ post. As another man said (a self-proclaimed loner whom I sometimes meet around here when each of us walk our dogs): “I suspect we are cut from the same wood,” so it dawned on me that you and I are too. But I’m not an introvert, alas, I carry my heart on my sleeve.

    Familiarity breeds contempt Let us not forget. *grin*

    • Wyrd Smythe

      Hey! Who you callin’ old?!?! 😕

      That snowflake flash pic is kinda cool isn’t it!

      Indeed, this isn’t the first time we seem to be (I like that expression) “cut from the same wood” (a nice variety of venerable, wise, wonderful oak, I’m thinking). [Speaking of oaks, remember that those mighty trees were once nuts like you and me.]

      You are an extrovert? You gain energy from interaction and expend it being alone (that doesn’t sound like the you I thought I knew)? As an introvert, I expend energy being around others (that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it, just that it takes effort for me) and regain it being alone. I’m not sure where you wear your heart matters in that… I know I can be that way sometimes… a lot of toughness, but also some major vulnerable spots, too, mainly in areas to do with the heart.

      I always liked, “Familiarity breed attempt.” 🙂

  • It's only P!

    ‘My mind is my breasts.’

    Did you just coin that phrase? Luv it.

  • reocochran

    This was both serious and beautiful. I love the silly banter in your replies area. The snow pictures were gorgeous!
    Totally relate to the job situation but in a different way. I like the people just not the job work level. Lifting and driving a pallet rider were not going to be in my job description for the second last job of my life. When I get my retirement out at 62 I am always saying it will be like a Starbucks or some such light job where I can chat and wipe tables, maybe they will allow me to make coffees! Missed your posts and wishing you a very Merry Christmas.

    • Wyrd Smythe

      The people at work, just as people, I do like (not a stinker in the bunch, in fact)! It’s the lack of technical experience in this field that’s a real issue, plus the weird way they have things set up (things are very compartmentalized, and there’s an absurd amount of pointless paperwork). Maybe the most infuriating thing is that, after three months of hair-pulling, banging my head against the wall effort, I’ve managed to get this project about 25% completed, whereas if they’d done thing in a less insane way I’d be done by now.

      Considering our target date was last Friday, we’re officially behind schedule now, and it’s largely due to avoidable idiocy in how this project is set up and managed. (But then, to paraphrase Ronnie Raygun, “Management isn’t the solution; management is the problem.”) It would help if there were some natural leaders and great communicators involved on the project, but there don’t seem to be many.

      Ah, well, so it goes! It is what it is. Glad you liked the snow pictures. It was fun being out in the snowfall!

  • reocochran

    Thanks for the more specific reason that work may drive you a little crazy.
    Glad you like the people just not the systems and procedures established. Always seems there is some kind of convoluted way to do things…

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