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100 Days

upcomingI’ve been encountering a bit of blog blah recently, and it’s tempting to go on another hiatus until I retire and don’t feel the work pressure and negative energy. But I have a growing backlog—new ideas keep popping up—and I really do enjoy the writing.

Things are returning to normal around here; page hits are finally back to their low numbers. The party has died down considerably, and that lets the host leave the remaining guests so he can whip up some new treats (and maybe open that bottle of wine I’ve been saving).

Speaking of which, I meant to open two bottles this weekend, but life did one of those unexpected detour things. I’ll pour both those articles very soon, but today’s snack catches up on some things.

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Instant Winter


Winter has arrived!
(click pics for full size)

Knowing me, you’d be pretty sure I couldn’t resist posting on 12/12/12, the last Golden Date of this century. If I was going to post anything this month, surely I’d come out of hiatus (even if just briefly) for that! On the other hand, knowing me, you’d know I have a really strong and stubborn contrarian streak and would be even more likely to defy expectations and not post!

Of course, if you really knew me, then you’d know that I knew you knew that I’d know you knew that I… um… wait,… lost my place there.

The point is, knowing or not knowing isn’t the point; the point is snowing!  As in, “It was.” All of a sudden, like. A lot!

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Blogger on Hiatus

I need a break while I focus on the new job and regain some sense of balance. I will be back, so keep your hands off my stuff!

While I’m gone, feel free to browse through the archives… there may (or may not) be a secret treasure map encoded in previous posts… anything is possible…