Merry Christmas!

Santa NastWhether it’s Christmas, a related holiday, the Winter Solstice, or just the calendar year, many are celebrating a time of year that is meant to be filled with happiness, family, good wishes, peace on Earth, and goodwill to all. If this season ’tis meaningful for you, I hope it is filled with joy and laughter! May you be content and fulfilled. And safe.

But take a moment to think of those who are not safe. Or whose bellies are empty, or whose homes are lost. We have much to do before all are safe, content, and fulfilled. Miles to go before we sleep.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

Here’s some Christmas music to enjoy:

For some bonus fun, here’s a Christmas Carol Quiz. Don’t ask me for the answers, I don’t have them! (But I think I’ve got most of them. See how you do!)

  1. My Singluar Desire For The Impending Yuletide Season Is Receipt Of A Pair Of Central Incisors.
  2. From Dark ’til Dawn, Soundless And Sanctimonious.
  3. Celestial Messengers From Splendid Empires.
  4. The Antelered Quadreped With The Cerise Proboscis.
  5. The Event Occurred At One Minute After 11:59 PM-Visibility Unlimited.
  6. Ornament The Enclosure With Large Sprigs Of A Berry-bearing Evergreen.
  7. Personal Hallucinations Of An Alabaster December 25th.
  8. Anticipation Of This Noel’s Memento’s : Nil.
  9. Clappered Inverted Cups, Sterling.
  10. Testimony Of Witness To Maternal Parent’s Infidelity With Kris Kringle.
  11. In A Distant Bovine Trough.
  12. Universal Elation To The Terran Planet.
  13. O, Minature Nazarene Hamlet.
  14. The Approach Of The Holiday Commemorating The Birth Of Christ Is Becoming Evident.
  15. Susanne, The Frigid Drip, Draws Nigh.
  16. May Jehovah Grant Unto You Hilarious Males, Retirement.
  17. Those of You Who Are True, Come Here.
  18. The Original Natal Day.
  19. During the Dark Hours When Herdsman Attended Their Charges.
  20. Three Ruminants Do A Slated ‘Hesitation’.
  21. I Cogitate As I Emigrate.
  22. The Lilliputian Laddy Percussionist.
  23. A Trio of Non-Occidental Potentates Is Our Identity.
  24. A Meteorological Melody Is Manifest.
  25. The Yuletide’s Diurnal Dozen.
  26. Please Permit Pristine Precipitation.
  27. ‘Rimey’, The Mannikin of Crystalline H20.
  28. 0 Sacred Nocturnal Period! The Astronomical Suns Glisten Brilliantly.
  29. Our Desire Is Your Yuletide Cheer.
  30. Do Not Let Your Lips Protrude In Sullen Displeasure.
  31. Dumb Lancelot.
  32. Chief Polar Elf Peaks In Close Proximity.
  33. Issue Forth You 01′ Geysers.
  34. Haoli Holiday.
  35. Aged Matriarch Plowed Under By Preciptious Darlings.
  36. Dolly Parton Fans On A Weber.
  37. Igneous Ringing Tune.
  38. SPF Zero Bain de Soleil
  39. Yo, Gene Autry’s Team Lip-synchs.
  40. Are You Experiencing Parallel Auditory Input?
  41. Yo, Babe! Who It Is?
  42. Endeavor to personally experience singular, miniscule Yule!

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10 responses to “Merry Christmas!

  • Hariod Brawn

    Thanks Wyrd, and all the very best to you now and in the coming year.

  • rung2diotimasladder

    “The Approach Of The Holiday Commemorating The Birth Of Christ Is Becoming Evident.”

    I’ve been singing this one to Geordie this past week. Do you think it’ll confuse him if I adopt these lyrics for next year? (I might have to squeeze them into the melody, but I can.) 🙂

    • Wyrd Smythe

      Oh, I think that dogs are like me when it comes to music. They don’t listen to the words; they’re more into the arrangements, chords, and melodies. It’s just as well they don’t have opposable thumbs or a well-developed frontal cortex… with their superior hearing, they’re much better musicians than any human.

      But they’re awful at writing lyrics.

  • SelfAwarePatterns

    Hope you had a Merry Christmas and will have a Happy New Year Wyrd!

  • Steve Morris

    Merry Christmas, and I hope this post wasn’t somehow about Donald Trump 🙂

    • Wyrd Smythe

      Well, it wasn’t until just now… 😮

      See, this is exactly the problem! Try to take a brief vacation from America’s Carnival Barker and he shows up anyway. Kind of like that drunk uncle you try to keep away from your Christmas parties…

      (Merry Christmas. And a Happy New Year.)

  • Michelle Railey

    “Miles to go before we sleep…” I’m a sucker for Frost, especially in December. You’re one in a million, Mr. Wyrd. Have a very happy New Year!

    • Wyrd Smythe

      Well [blush], thank you. Likewise, I’m sure!

      And I’m a sucker for Frost, as well. The Road Not Taken is a key poem in my life (a guiding principle, if you will — “and that has made all the difference”), but Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening is pretty evocative to me, too…

      Whose woods these are I think I know.
      His house is in the village though;
      He will not see me stopping here
      To watch his woods fill up with snow.

      My little horse must think it queer
      To stop without a farmhouse near
      Between the woods and frozen lake
      The darkest evening of the year.

      He gives his harness bells a shake
      To ask if there is some mistake.
      The only other sound’s the sweep
      Of easy wind and downy flake.

      The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
      But I have promises to keep,
      And miles to go before I sleep,
      And miles to go before I sleep.

      It’s strange how compelling and engaging those simple words are. And how he keeps them from being doggerel despite the powerful cadence and rhyming.

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