Light Beams

rainbow-1Feeling a strong sense of blog ennui. Work is part of it. After five months of largely fruitless effort, my trees are showing signs of budding and maybe eventually bearing fruit. After a holiday slow down, things are heating up, so my attention is focused there.

And as I’ve mentioned before, this new position has a lot of communicating—it’s really a combination of architecture and project management—and it tends to dry up my usual urges to communicate. Sculpting a blog post too closely resembles the careful sculpting of work communications.

So this post has a bunch of pictures instead of words.

sunlight-2The sun’s been shy lately, but today it came out for a while (before the snowfall began). I was able to finally get a picture of its progress. It’s reached the point of shining past the overhead into the kitchen.

I can now stand inside my house and be in direct sunshine!


As you can see from the pics, the sun now peeks below the overhead and bounces off the fridge!

And while the sun may not make much of an appearance during the winter, it is low enough to shine beneath my eaves and hit the crystal I have hanging in the window. The tradeoff is rainbows during the winter and sunshine during the summer. Once the sun is high enough in the sky, I lose the rainbows (the crystal is already hanging only four feet above the floor).

rainbow-2The rainbows drifting along on the walls are nice enough. It’s those occasional glints of pure, bright color that blast into my eye that are especially cool. I managed to position my camera in just the right place to catch a couple.

The lead picture has a nice yellow flash, but I really love this cyan flash I caught later. It takes some timing and luck, because there is a hot air vent below the crystal, and it tends to stir up the air. That makes the crystal move, which makes the rainbows move (which I love!), but it makes it hard to capture the flash. But sitting at my table working, it happens a lot!

Pixels!! (click for big)

(click for big)

Speaking of managing to capture something colorful with my cheapo (but surprisingly good) digital camera, I managed to get a fairly good shot of the red, green and blue pixels on my LCD TV screen.

I mentioned them back in the posts about color (I’ve two more coming to wrap that up once I get over my ennui).

The image is from the weather channel display. You’re seeing the current temperature (which is, gulp, -4). You can see the right end of the minus sign and part of the “4.”

It turns out to be really hard to get the camera to hold its focus (even in macro photo mode), but I finally got lucky. (Man… Geeks sure have a different definition of “getting lucky” don’t we.)

sunlight-3On the other hand, it was surprisingly easy to capture this reverse angle of the sun streaming in through my skylight. When I’ve tried this before, I got massive overloading from the sun and ended up with basically just a picture of white.

Somehow, this time it came out exactly right! I really do love how the sun shines directly into my place. That skylight was actually one of the things that sold me on it.

There’s an interesting tradeoff here, too. In the summer, the sun is high in the sky, but the moon is low (see if you understand why). In the winter, that is reversed.

So in the summer I get the sun through my skylight, and in the winter I get the moon. On nights with a full moon, at midnight, you can read in the light.

And that’s about all I have in me today. I’ll leave you with this photo kiped from a relative’s Facebore wall. A certain someone is on a mission to find my “cuteness spot,” and so far she’s been way off the beam. When I saw this on my cousin’s wall, I thought, “Ah, ha! Now that’s cute!”

The call of the wild!(And very small and very cute!)

The call of the wild!
(And very small and very cute!)

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24 responses to “Light Beams

  • cftc10

    Reblogged this on cftc10.

  • heysugarsugar

    awww so cute indeed 🙂 I don’t have Facebook so probably miss lots of cuteness moments. anyway where have you been mister? if you find it hard to write a blog, just put up a ”hello and wave to miss Sugar” and at least I will know your not off the grid totally ! you take care ya hear? or my redneck woman ways will have to re-surface and kick ya ass ya’ll ) x

  • Alex Autin

    Completely interesting photographs! I’m betting that full-moon skylight show is awesome.

  • dianasschwenk

    I love these photos, especially the first one! I always wanted a skylight, glad you enjoy yours!

  • Snoring Dog Studio

    No sunshine so far today here. We’re locked into a dense fog. But that tells me it’s warming up and, so, I’m grateful for that!

    • Wyrd Smythe

      And if you get a quick freeze, you might wake up to a hoar frost tomorrow. I love those! The white coating on everything is one of my favorite weather sights.

      It was sunny when I finally dragged my b-hind outta bed a bit after noon (in my defense: up until 5 am working on my TARDIS). But I’ve been up less than half an hour, and it’s completely clouded over already. Gee, thanks, Weather! Guess we’re headed for an inch of snow tonight, but it’s warming up here, too. We’ve had a number of sub-zero days last two weeks. It was 11 when I got up; it’s 13 now and should get just a bit above freezing later this week.

      • Snoring Dog Studio

        We did have a lovely hoar frost last week. It was particularly gorgeous at night time.

      • Wyrd Smythe

        At night time, oh, I can imagine! I’ve always found it neat how, when walking to the car from work, when the weather is right, you can see millions of tiny light glints from frost crystals in the concrete. Ice can be a real pain (literally—went down on it just the other day), but it sure can be pretty!

      • Snoring Dog Studio

        Hope you’re okay!! I’ve managed to avoid falling so far. Fingers crossed, knock on wood.

      • Wyrd Smythe

        I seem to be, thanks. Bruised my dignity mostly. Did hit my head, but fortunately it’s mostly bone. Irony is, I’d made it carefully down my obviously icy driveway to get my trashcan. Having safely negotiated that, I stepped onto what looked (in the dark) like clear asphalt street. Except that it was coated with black (clear) ice. Surprise!!

        Ironically, the only other time I’ve gone down on ice was similar. Walking my dog one winter night on what seemed a clear sidewalk. Never saw the thin sheet of ice on that one part. Suddenly my feet just go flying, and I basically landed horizontally on my back. Apparently I take a fall pretty well; no harm done. It was so surprising that I lay there on my back laughing for a couple minutes!

  • Lady from Manila

    I wonder how you manage to be witty despite harboring that strong feeling of blog ennui. Even your comments here are wonderfully amusing. Is it possible for you to also put a Like button in your comments? Other blogs have them. I’ve yet to come across a disappointing post from you, but so far, there’s just none (well, baseball I’m clueless so I simply pass. Hope you understand 🙂 )

    That photo of the tiny creature calling out in the wild is a keeper. Yeah, adoringly cute.
    “You can see millions of tiny light glints from frost crystals in the concrete. Ice can be a real pain (literally—went down on it just the other day), but it sure can be pretty!”
    “Sometimes I’m walking by and the moon catches my eye… so I look up to see the reflection of the chandelier in the skylight. [sigh] No moon. 😦 ” Ha ha. That’s cute, too.

    • Wyrd Smythe

      I have to be very badly bruised emotionally to lose my sense of humor (and even then never for long). It’s not always a good thing… making a humorous reference during a fight with one’s lover is rarely a good thing… they never seem to see the humor.

      I know what you mean about [Like] buttons on posts. WordPress doesn’t support that. Not entirely sure if that’s a good thing or bad thing. It can be something of a distraction at times.

      Isn’t that pic of that critter (small dog, I think) just too adorable for words? Every time I look at it I smile.

      • Lady from Manila

        I meant Like button in Comments. You may be right, though, in it being a distraction.
        You think it was a small dog? I thought it was some kind of baby bear! Ha ha
        During workdays I also go light in my consumption of the Internet. There’s usually ample time on my weekends for blog readings and I plan to continue going over your interesting articles from way back.
        Have a pleasant final workweek, WS.

      • Wyrd Smythe

        I’m not really sure what that little critter is. Could be a baby bear, too. The mystery is part of the reason I like that photo so much!

  • Lady from Manila

    Biology is also one area of Science I am fond of (he he. I read somewhere you aren’t crazy about the subject). But I couldn’t even exactly identify a baby animal when I see one (A baby bear can’t possibly be that tiny). Now I’m embarrassed :-). I like the photo very much as well. I so love almost all kinds of animals.
    If I may digress, I wonder if you’ve ever considered entering the world of teaching in your future. You seem to have quite a potential for the field.
    Take care, WS.

    • Wyrd Smythe

      No reason to be embarrassed. Baby bear was on my list, too. As a dog I can’t quite identify the species (wolf, maybe??), so who knows. It’s just damned cute, and that’s what really matters! 😀

      It isn’t that I’m not crazy about biology, it’s just one of my weaker sciences (and not being an actual scientist, I’m not 100% strong in any of them… just a life-long interested amateur). I’ve found the physical sciences (especially quantum physics, relativity and cosmology) more fascinating. (But when I subscribed to Sci Am, I read every article, cover to cover!)

      I’ve done some adult education through work. I used to travel around to teach other technicians, and I was the installer/trainer for a special product my company used to sell. (It’s what got me into various atomic power stations and the Pentagon—geek heaven!) If this early retirement doesn’t work out financially, picking up a teaching job is definitely on the list. I’ve always enjoyed passing on knowledge!

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