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projectThis is a bit of a drive-by posting. (Look at it this way: “Oh, goodie: more pictures!”)

I confess part of my distraction these days is being caught up playing with POV-Ray (which I’ve described quite a bit recently). Boy with a toy, I guess, but it’s just so much fun! It does open some great doors for blog illustrations down the road, so it’s worth building some degree of skill. (Plus, did I mention the fun?)

So just to keep my hand in posting-wise (it is so easy to get out of the habit), here are some pictures of what I’ve been working on while I’ve been ignoring you.

Bonus points if you know the post’s title reference!

A friend of mine gave me a cool gift, so I made a nice “Thank You” … um … thing. (With all these photo, you can click them for a big version.)


It gave me the idea that I can make personalized 3D “cards” for friends. It takes a good day or so to make something even this simple from scratch (once I have an idea), so it makes a “gift of time” to go with a (hopefully) nice image.

I also started working on a “Happy Birthday” one for the next birthday person.


The last time I played with POV-Ray (back in 2006) I started mucking about with its ability to wrap images around objects. For instance, if you have a good (cylindrical map) image of planet Earth, it’s trivial to wrap it around a sphere.


Or you can wrap a map of the moon! Or any planet you can find a map for! And it turns out you can find a whole lot of cylindrical maps (which is what you need) for solar objects!


Some of those aren’t actually planet maps.  POV-Ray has some amazing capabilities for using textures to create “planets” and “clouds” from scratch, so some of the above are the beginnings of that.  The one in the box is my first experiment!

So I started a simple scene to explore how you can use a gradient to make a “sun” and it turned into … something else:


The original intent once I began vamping was to recreate that huge indoor power tube thing were Luke and Vader had their, “Father?!” battle.  I always liked that sci fi image of the infinitely deep power tube the heroes have to cross. The walkway and central tube you see above were the start of that. But it turned into a space station of some kind.

And this evening I’ve been working on something that some of you will recognize. It suddenly struck me that it wouldn’t be that hard to create (lots of boxes). This is a work in progress, but not bad for a few hours work!


No doubt you’ll see this again!

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4 responses to “Bisy Backson

  • reocochran

    You call this a tardis in your other post. I am going to say I have seen a lot of times, different Star Wars movies, and I am not sure if this is a reference to them or not. But you do refer to them. I am so sorry, my son would probably know this and I am going to trouble you by saying that it is probably obvious to some, but obscure to me. Hope you will remember to laugh! at me!

    • Wyrd Smythe

      Perhaps you are not a fan of the British TV show, Dr. Who? It’s a rather amazing (and very long running; started in 1963) science fiction show. An almost perfect blend of camp, lo-tech/hi-tech, science fiction adventure, and social-human drama. I’ve come to rank it higher than Star Trek, and that’s really saying something.

      Anyway, Dr. Who is a Time Lord (an alien), and the TARDIS (or Tardis) is his “spaceship.” (That actually doesn’t even begin to really explain things… it’s complicated.) It’s a very special sort of craft, and it disguises itself as a blue police (phone) box (they had them all over the place in England years ago, so it was a good disguise). The blue police box Tardis is a well-known and very much loved symbol to the show’s fans.

      As for the post’s title… (I’m not giving it away just yet) I’m not sure if it’s obscure to others or not. It’s well known to me, because of the special place the source has in my heart. It may or may not leap out for others. It’s kind of why I asked… I’m curious!

      And you’re sort of barking up the wrong tree with Star Wars! 😀 I will give you this: Star Wars is a fairy tale for children (whereas science fiction is for more mature minds). In the sense of thinking tales for children, that was the right tree! 😀

  • bronxboy55

    My first thought when I saw the blue telephone booth was that it was some kind of time machine. Maybe an elevator that takes you down into a wormhole.

    • Wyrd Smythe

      I’ve come to understand a bit about your preferences in movies/TV, so I’m not surprised you’re not familiar (let alone a fan of) the long-running British SF TV show, Doctor Who. The blue police phone box (common in England decades ago) was the disguise of Dr. Who, an alien (a Time Lord) who has a fondness for Earth and has saved it and its people from destruction, slavery, etc. time and time again.

      It’s a show that can sometimes be almost as campy as the Adam West Batman was, but which has this very serious thread of human/social drama running through it. I’m a life-long Star Trek fan, and it has trumped Trek in my heart, if that tells you anything.

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