No AVGI am not a happy camper right now.  In fact, I’m fucking pissed!  I was working on something I’ll be showing here later, and I needed a certain font (or at least to identify the font).  I found exactly what I needed, and it was a “free” download.  You gotta love the interweb!

Except that upon downloading, I got a bunch of unwanted software that installed itself unasked,… and no font!  I ended up with AVG’s free anti-virus suite, some sort of “register (i.e. pay) to actually use” backup software, and a bunch of new toolbars for my browsers.  None of it asked for or wanted.  You gotta hate the interweb.

So this is a hategram to the fucks at AVG and anyone else that pulls this fucked up bullshit.

Rather than spending the last few hours working on my “something” while enjoying a ballgame in the background, I’ve spent hours tracking down and removing all those unwanted, unasked for bits and bytes (and that really bites).  My mood (for the moment) is in ruins.

The sad thing is that I’ve heard good things about AVG — very good things, in fact — but now they’ve gone and made themselves the enemy.  There is now zero chance I will ever give them a chance with me again.  (In certain areas, I am not a forgiving person.  I do not take kindly to the rape of my PC.)

No SonyWhile I’m foaming at the mouth and ranting, let me say a few words about the worst PC I’ve ever owned: my Sony Vaio laptop.

This one is on me for buying from the interweb without actually using the machine.  I bought it because it had good specs, a big screen and a big keyboard.

(I also learned to never again trust the “Geek Squad” at Best Buy… they completely bungled the installation of the extra memory. The machine wouldn’t even begin to boot when I got it home. So not only did they do a crap job, they didn’t check their work! Incompetence squared!!)

This beast turns to be the most unusable laptop I’ve ever owned — or even experienced. How do I hate it? Let me count the ways…

The most objectionable thing is how the mic and headphone jacks are mounted on the front edge. This guarantees that theVaio Bad 1 plugs will dig into your hand and that your hand will stress both the jack and the plug.  Incredibly stupid engineering.

The other most objectionable thing is how the front edge is so sharp. It’s guaranteed to also dig into your hand.  Between the front edge and the audio plugs, using the laptop as a laptop is an unpleasant experience!

Then there’s the way the (only!) three USB connectors are located on the front of the right side. This makes it all but impossible to have the laptop to the left of a standalone monitor (which is my preferred configuration). Vaio Bad 2Since there are no other USB ports anywhere, I’m stuck with those.

Likewise, the video connector is on the left side (rather than the back as is common).  The reason for all the edge mounts is that the top folds up in such a way that the back is unusable.  Maybe somebody somewhere likes this design, but for me it’s about as wrong as it could be.

The thing is, I haven’t gotten good results from a Sony product since the days of the Walkman and the Trinitron.  In the last decade, I’ve bought three different Sony clock radios with CD players (because I want to wake up to music, not commercials or even people talking). Sony clock-radio Not one of them lasted more than a few months — at some point they all decided that they didn’t want to play CDs anymore (which made them useless to me).

The other thing is that the volume of all these CD players is significantly lower than on the radio.  I have a severe hearing deficiency, so I need the volume!  Why are the CD players so soft?  That was also true of a Memorex unit and an RCA unit.  To this day I have been unable to find a satisfactory clock radio with a CD player.  [Fortunately, now that I’m retired, it’s a moot issue.]

I am so sick of living in a cheap, half-assed, dumb-ass, incompetent, disposable world.  I am so sick of the complete lack of expectation of quality or service. Sony Sorry I am so sick of how doing the right thing makes you a “hero” and doing the wrong thing is chalked up to “normal human behavior.”

I’m sick to death of advertising and spamming and the whole scratch-and-claw race to “success” that passes as modern life these days. I’m sick to death of peoples’ materialism, greed, shallowness and general stupidity.

I’m increasingly convinced that humankind will wipe itself out in the very near future, and right now… I think it couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of assholes.  Humanity… is an abject failure!  Let’s wipe the slate clean and try again.

(And to top it all off, Detroit is losing to Oakland, and it appears I do have a dog in that fight, since I find myself definitely rooting for the Tigers.)

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  • dianasschwenk

    I have totally had days like this! I have way less knowledge about computers than you and I also hate the ads, the windows that pop up, etc., but when I go to internet options to disallow pop ups or whatever it is that I’ve accidently done to end my nightmare, often it also disables stuff I need! UGH!! I hope letting it all out has helped you to feel better, if not a glass of JD can do the trick.

    • Wyrd Smythe

      Yeah, I know what you mean. So many normal websites rely on all that extra stuff to function that you can’t turn it off. There are ad-blockers that are supposedly effective, but I actually don’t do a lot of website surfing (or even visiting really; I can’t keep up with the few blogs I follow). If you spend much time on those ad-filled websites (and, oh, how I hate all those jittery attention-grabbing ads), an ad-blocker might be worth a try. But you’ll have to be sure to find one that’s legit and not more malware!

      Venting definitely helps. There have been some studies that indicate that standing up for yourself and your actions actually is better for your mental health than trying to force yourself to ignore it. And when that doesn’t work, there’s always beer! (I never learned how to drink whiskey. :D)

      • dianasschwenk

        It’s like beer to the power of 10 minus the bloating and drowsiness! 🙂

      • Wyrd Smythe

        It’s apparently an acquired taste that I’ve never been able to acquire. I have a friend (well, former friend, actually; long story) who is way into scotch and who has purchased many bottles of rare scotch as part of his “retirement package.” He’s claimed he has scotches that I’d like, but I’m dubious. 🙂

      • dianasschwenk

        haha well if beer does the trick that’s all that matters! 🙂

      • Wyrd Smythe

        Pour a cold one, twist a fat one, just shut it all down for a while and enjoy the peace. (On top of everything else yesterday, three out of four of my playoff team picks lost, and I made the mistake of catching up on Jon Stewart and The Daily Show. (The USA Republicans will make any sane, intelligent person foaming-at-the-mouth, spittin’ nails angry… how can they be so venal?))

        But then, many, many years ago I had a friend who fought bouts of depression by dropping a bunch of reds! Not at all my cup of tea, and it seems like the exact opposite of what you’d want do to, but her theory was to take the depression “through the wall” and that does seem to work in a weird way. It’s like the temporary depression/anger road is only so long, and the faster you can travel it, the sooner you get past it. Wallow in it for a while, then get past it.

        I was in a fightin’ angry mood yesterday anyway (you may have noticed :)), so might as well let myself know what’s going on in the news, since that inevitably pisses me off (people! ARG!! :?). Now I can ignore the news for another week! (And, of course, a night’s sleep always resets the circuitry for another day.)

      • dianasschwenk

        (smiling) Good luck resetting your circuitry! Sleep is amazing. Not only does it give us the rest we need but the next day things often seem less dire, wouldn’t you agree?

      • Wyrd Smythe

        Abso-toot-ly!! No matter how dark yesterday was, today always brings a fresh start!

  • pickledwings

    I can empathize completely.

    I have very little patience for a lot of modern gadgetry and computers and feel, by and large, that most of them are testament not only to the incompetence and lack of foresight of those who make them; but also the greed and shrewdness of the bean counters that cower behind them.

    They are made to cease proper functions prematurely and in such ways that it costs less to buy new than to have them fixed. Which is to say they typically start playing up and hour after the warranty expires, if they were under warranty at all.

    I detest the notion of having to “trouble shoot” my computer. If I need to do that sort of thing, being in the position of end user, I interpret that as a lack of market readiness in the product.

    Right now I’m facing down the reality that I will have to replace my mobile phone in the very near future. Does anyone make just a decent functional mobile phone anymore? Hell no! They’re all “smart phones” now.

    I never wanted a “smart phone”. Touch screens make me cringe on hygiene grounds. Most of the functions I’ve seen on the things are things I know I’d never use.

    However, mobile phones are pretty much a survival tool where I live so I’ll have to choke down the reality of having a “smart phone” so long as it costs more to buy a new battery than it does to buy a new phone.

    • Wyrd Smythe

      Now that pay phones have gone the way of the buggy whip, I think a mobile phone is a survival tool everywhere these days! I cling to my dumb phone. It can do texts, but I don’t. It can do pictures, but I prefer to use a real camera. I just have it in case of emergencies; very few people even have my mobile number.

      There used to be a company, Jitterbug, I think, that made cell phones, well, really for seniors. They had large numbers on the keypad and (IIRC) no real features to speak of. Just mobile phone service. Haven’t seen their ads in a while, so I don’t know if they’re still around, but if I ever have to replace mine… I’ll do some serious research to find a POMB. (Plain Old Mobile Phone… a take on what used to be called POTS: Plain Old Telephone Service.)

      It’s a shame how we design and build things these days. Computer technology allows manufacturing to reduce costs and materials to the bare minimum. We used to “build things like a battleship” in part because we were resource-rich, but in part because were weren’t able to analyze the margins so precisely. Sadly, USAnians have made it pretty clear that price trumps quality, and Disposable is the best thing since sliced bread.

      This all is guaranteed to blow up in our faces eventually. The pace is not sustainable.

  • bronxboy55

    Just got back from Japan. Man, those people seem to know what they’re doing. But then, I don’t live there.

    At least the Tigers won.

    • Wyrd Smythe

      That must have been interesting! First time, or are you a regular visitor? (Going to write a post about your recent travels?)

      As I understand it, there the trains run on time, criminals expect to get caught, and you can buy beer from vending machines. Artistically it seems the Japanese lean as much towards surrealism as we do towards realism (the video games and the hentai). I’ve seen examples that are just plain hysterically weird! And I’ve always liked their storytelling sense that everything doesn’t need to be explained or resolved (just as in life).

      They also made the scariest ghost movie I’ve ever seen! (Ju-On… the director remade it for American audiences as The Grudge, but the original is incredible!)

    • Wyrd Smythe

      Yeah, the Tigers won! Mostly, I think, because Miguel Cabrera finally brought a bat to the plate, and because they found a way to get to Sonny Gray (I confess I chortled a bit when they took him out in the fourth; I’m not a fan of young upstarts :P). But Verlander was awesome; it’s really fun to watch that guy work when he’s on his game! He’s just plain unhittable!

      Think they stand a chance against “Boston Strong”??

      I’m thinking the Dodgers vs Cardinals series is going to be fun to watch. Two very strong teams!!

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