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Washer/Dryer Woes

Appearing soon at my place!

Monday is laundry day — a rare bit of regularity in my retired life. Faithful readers (all three of you) will recall I had a bit of electrical excitement last fall. (That’s been fine ever since, and I’m happy to have the new smoke detectors. I had no idea they are only good for about ten years. Their tiny radioactive source wears out eventually.)

I’ve known for months I needed a new clothes washer and a new clothes dryer. For one thing, they came with the place, so they’re at least 16 years old. More to the point, the dryer was taking two hours to get clothes completely dry, and the agitator in the washing machine was broken — it only worked with extremely light loads.

Yesterday, it died a definite death.

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No AVGI am not a happy camper right now.  In fact, I’m fucking pissed!  I was working on something I’ll be showing here later, and I needed a certain font (or at least to identify the font).  I found exactly what I needed, and it was a “free” download.  You gotta love the interweb!

Except that upon downloading, I got a bunch of unwanted software that installed itself unasked,… and no font!  I ended up with AVG’s free anti-virus suite, some sort of “register (i.e. pay) to actually use” backup software, and a bunch of new toolbars for my browsers.  None of it asked for or wanted.  You gotta hate the interweb.

So this is a hategram to the fucks at AVG and anyone else that pulls this fucked up bullshit.

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