Daily Archives: October 7, 2013


No AVGI am not a happy camper right now.  In fact, I’m fucking pissed!  I was working on something I’ll be showing here later, and I needed a certain font (or at least to identify the font).  I found exactly what I needed, and it was a “free” download.  You gotta love the interweb!

Except that upon downloading, I got a bunch of unwanted software that installed itself unasked,… and no font!  I ended up with AVG’s free anti-virus suite, some sort of “register (i.e. pay) to actually use” backup software, and a bunch of new toolbars for my browsers.  None of it asked for or wanted.  You gotta hate the interweb.

So this is a hategram to the fucks at AVG and anyone else that pulls this fucked up bullshit.

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