Interesting Times


Can you believe it?

You know the ancient curse: May you live in interesting times. The last day or so I’ve been watching a lot of people feeling terribly cursed. There is much gnashing of teeth and the rending of garments is heard throughout the land. Many Chicken Littles are certain the sky is in free fall.

That remains to be seen. Maybe the apocalypse is nigh, but, as far as I know, all we have heard from President Elect Trump so far is his victory speech. Meanwhile, the media frets about all the crap he said on the campaign trail (the trail of fears).

We’ve jumped out of the airplane. Now it’s gonna get interesting.

I almost hate to say it, but I don’t share all the moaning and mourning… at least not yet. That may come, but right now we have no idea how this is going to turn out.

Governing and campaigning have always been two separate things. People are freaking out right now because of what Trump said on the campaign trail, but when have even normal candidates lived up to their campaigns?

This all boils down to whether Trump should be taken “seriously, but not literally” or “literally, but not seriously” — the latter is what his detractors have done to their peril and loss.

One way to see his whole campaign is as a standup comedy road show with strong professional wrestling and pageant show influences. And as is true with all standup comedians, a great deal of what they say is purely for effect.

You have to admit, the effect was powerful.



A man with a history.

Imagine you’re Donald Trump, with all your background and public personality, and you decide to run for President.

Everyone tells you that’s ridiculous. With all your background and public personality, there’s no way you can pull this off.

You decide to do it anyway.

There’s no way to run a conventional campaign. But maybe a complete outside run, a campaign so far outside the box that people will flock to it on sheer novelty alone.

Throw in a recognition about a forgotten, but large, segment of America who wonder what the hell happened to their American Dream, and this gives you not just a platform, but a wave to surf that platform to possible victory.

And you’ll be running against Hillary Clinton, one of the most massively unpopular candidates ever. A candidate who needs to break the glass ceiling and become the first female President of the USA. It’s a big ask and a definite wedge for a savvy operator willing to completely ignore boundaries of taste and respect.


Who can put on a show.

For someone willing to play the pro wrestling villain knowing all the time that it’s just a gag.

For someone willing to come into the political art gallery, take a dump on the floor, and call it art.

Because there is no such thing as bad press, especially in today’s environment — there is just press. Exposure. Billions of dollars in free air time, courtesy of a bewildered, incompetent, fascinated media more than willing to use you to get viewers.

How many times did we hear it said that Donald Trump did such and such and that would have sunk a normal candidate for sure? The background and public personality would have sunk any normal candidate from the beginning.

So he ran an abnormal campaign, and it was very effective.

Now the burning question: Was it all a crazy show? Or was it an incredibly savvy — and ultimately successful — operation? Somewhere between those?

How much of it was real?

How much of it can we believe?



I’m afraid that, yes, he is.

The Left is generally losing its shit because they’ve taken him literally (but not seriously). It might be wise to take a breath and give the man a chance to declare himself.

We should all keep in mind that we’ll get a chance to change things in two years.

We can elect him out of office in four years.

If things get really bad, there is always impeachment.

Our Constitution anticipates someone like many imagine Trump to be. Various enforcement and judicial authorities — as well as the military — are required to follow established laws, especially Constitutional ones. The Founding Fathers knew all about tyrants, and put protections in place.

(Hysterically, it’s now the liberals who could end up being thankful for those well-protected Second Amendment rights. Make no mistake, our Founders fully intended a government not of the people should damn well fear them.)

One of the more formal campaign statements from Trump came during his late-October speech at Gettysburg, where he laid out his plan for the first 100 days in office. (Here Is What Donald Trump Wants To Do In His First 100 Days, Amita Kelly, November 9, NPR)

Of course, even that was a campaign speech, so he may not stand by any of it. The “fun” will start when we see who he puts in various positions. Who will he bring with him among his followers and supporters? And who might he leave behind?

The first official statements from President Elect Trump will be interesting, indeed!



Let’s see what you got…

On some level, as a white male with no children and not all that many years ahead, this doesn’t really affect me. About the only thing might be my “Obamacare” plan. I have the luxury of being able to shrug my shoulders and see my life proceed pretty much as it has.

And I’m quite aware that a big part of how we got here involves things I’ve been warning and complaining about for nearly fifth years. The value of education and critical thought. The dangers of the interweb, video games, reality TV, and other empty social nonsense.

The self-indulgent, self-entitled, self-absorbed of this country are gonna get what they deserve, what their mindless indulgence and abject willful stupidity have wrought.

I intend to sit back and laugh my ass off at them. Here’s what you get for Facebook. Here’s what you get for Twitter. Here’s what you get for reality TV and video games and childish superhero movies and kitten videos and all that other empty shit you fill your empty lives with.

You’re freakin’ out because you — yes you — elected Donald Trump?

Well, too damn bad. This is what you get when you don’t pay attention.

And to the Republicans, well, this is what you’ve always wanted. You hold all the cards. No more excuses. Show us what you got.


We’ve gone and jumped out of the airplane.

Now we’re gonna see what kind of parachute we’ve got.

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5 responses to “Interesting Times

  • dianasschwenk

    Yeah, that’s right Smitty. It’s a wait and see thing now. Like your calm and coolness approach in this post. ❤
    Diana xo

    • Wyrd Smythe

      What’s the old saying… “If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs… perhaps you’ve misunderstood the situation.” XD

      And you know me well, I’m sure; rational discourse is my whole deal! 🙂

  • Wyrd Smythe

    One thing to watch for: There’s going to be a lot of pressure on him to explicitly repudiate the things he said on the campaign trail. How he handles this will be a crucial test.

    There will also be pressure for him to stand up and loudly and clearly repudiate David Duke, the KKK, and violent racist acts in general, as unacceptable in the USA. That’s another key test.

  • Steve Morris

    Now that the election is done, it’s Trump who has adopted a statesman-like air, and Liberals who are freaking out and throwing their toys around.

    People over here have been saying to me for at least a year that “Trump is stupid”, to which I have always replied, “No, Trump is very smart – it’s his supporters who are stupid.” Reality check – many Clinton/Bernie supporters are stupid too, they just didn’t make it quite so obvious.

    • Wyrd Smythe

      Hee, hee, yep, agree with every word! XD

      It’s kind of funny watching the talking heads on TV freak out.

      And, absolutely agree it’s the supporters (on all sides). They’ve always been the ones that have worried me. Exactly the ones I so often write about on this blog.

      As I’ve said several times now: This election (and Brexit) is proof of a life-long thesis. I’ve been right all these decades. People really should have listened to me (and so many, many others going back thousands of years) after all. o_O 😛

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