Numbers Game

post 200I’m of an age to have seen the arrival of 1984 and 2001 as an adult. Those years are significant due, respectively, to the famous George Orwell book and to the famous Stanley Kubrick movie (authored by Arthur Clarke). Because of those stories, those years were mileposts in future imaginings. Would the world turn out per the dystopic 1984 vision? Or would space travel come along per the 2001 vision?

Fortunately and sadly (respectively), the answer was, “Nope.”

This evening 1984 came to mind due to thinking about 2001, and that came to mind due to thinking about this post. My 201st blog post. A small milestone for long-time bloggers, but a milestone nevertheless.

The party is over!

The Stages of being Freshly Pressed.

That milestone along with the recent Freshly Pressed festivities make this Chillaxmas Quintus post about some of the numbers involved.

(And just to keep you off-balance, this is also the Sixth of the Twelve Days of Christmas. What did you give your True Love today? As you know, it needs to be something along the lines of geese and laying.)

It’s been a lot of fun, and the timing has been perfect (meaning I’ve had the time), but it looks like the party is winding down. It’s almost funny how 20 or more hits in a day used to be a heavy day for the blog. Lately, that doesn’t even register! Looks like that will return to normal, though.

A quilt!

A quilt! OMG, I got a quilt! I usually just get a tiny row.

It is kind of ironic that the post chosen to be Freshly Pressed isn’t original material. (And as Santa texts go I actually prefer the one I posted first, Santa Claus: Fact or Fiction?) Not that I’m complaining! The party was a rush!! And it’s just one more time when Irony has been a ruling star; no surprise there!

If I have any… not concerns,… perceptions, I guess, it’s that most visitors pulled here by the Santa: Man or Woman? piece aren’t likely to find much in common with what usually goes on in these parts. One can see that in the stats. The Santa Gender Debate is racking up hit  points like a maniac. All the other posts are sitting in chairs along the wall waiting to be asked to dance.

I suppose it gives me some hint of what women go through. Hey, Readers! My other posts are over here! (Recently I wrote that my brain was my breasts—my noticeable, prominent two round lobes. In this case, it’s my artificially implanted articles!)

Wow! A lot of writing!

Wow! A lot of writing!

It will be interesting when I return to my usual musings on existence, the nature of consciousness and the art of computer programming.

How many of those of you who’ve jumped on board during this Christmas Cycle will stick around? (I’ll be watching. As soon as you leave, the rest of us are going to talk about you. Not in a nice way.)


Someone read 73 pages in an hour and made everyone else look bad!

It has occurred to me that I can spare you one thing that I really want to do, but which I would be very surprised if one other person in the world finds it the least bit interesting. In the same way that some spend many years slowly building a train model or quilt, my little hobby build is a programming language, BOOL, that I’ve been tinkering with for about 20 years.

I have a book that goes with the language; it’s about 350 pages of text and diagrams and such. Completed it would probably run to 900 pages or more, but it’s unpublishable. As I said, there’s nothing about the language itself that gives reason for anyone to have an interest. It’s just a weird labor of love of mine; a silly thing to tinker with for fun.

new blog

What Would Spock Do?

Recently a light bulb went on, “Hey! I have a blog. I can write about BOOL!”

More recently a new light bulb went on, “Hey! There’s that [Create a New Blog] button you’ve been scratching your head over. Why not talk about BOOL in a blog?!”

I liked that light bulb, so I think I’m going to give that a whack. (A BOOL Blog!) It’ll spare the rest of you my nattering on about BOOL and give me free rein to do just that! (Win! Win!)

As for me, I’ve been spending the weekend catching up on blogs I follow and getting to know a few new ones that have come along. The 229-song Christmas tune playlist is getting one last go today, so it’s been a mellow couple days of Chillaxmas.

Two more days, and then it’s back to the grindstone. January begins a long, dark, cold time with no  holidays for months! It’s the payment for all these holiday times the last two months!

I’ll leave you with one last favorite Christmas tune, Paul Young doing What Christmas Means To Me:

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12 responses to “Numbers Game

  • heysugarsugar

    I am on your quilt ! It’s my new claim to fame. Yes ok I admit hands up in the air it was Santa in freshly pressed that lead me here, but come on you had me Paramertizeing myself by last night so I don’t think I will be one of the ones you will talk about 😉 Stats fascinate me and I totally get what your saying. I have poured my heart out in some posts to only get one or two likes even though lots of views. Then the lightweight nonsense gets does make you wonder about what people really like to read. So write your Bool blog and I shall happily read it. Great post I enjoyed it. Ceri .

    • Wyrd Smythe

      Yoiks! All this talk of being on my quilt and parametrizing yourself; I may need a cold shower! 😕

      I should get you interested in American Baseball. It’s the most stats-packed sport ever. Batting Average, for example. There’s the lifetime BA, the season BA, the BA while in a given club, the BA during day vs night games, the BA during home vs away games, the BA facing right-handed pitchers vs lefties, the BA with runners on base vs not, the BA….

      Ya wanna know a guy’s BA for away games, during the day, facing a leftie, with men on base, after having spaghetti for dinner and eggs for breakfast… baseball will tell you!

      As for blogging and readers. I think people want most what connects with them, and that tends to be the more human stuff. Most folks don’t have a very philosophical bent; they’re just trying to get through the day. I’ve always been aware that my blog, for example, would only appeal to a small group of people, but those are exactly the people I want to find.

      As for the BOOL Blog… careful what you commit yourself too! Not many people actually enjoy reading computer language “books!” I won’t be going for style, but for documentation. (But you’d be most welcome as a reader, of course!)

      • heysugarsugar

        Baseball ? Do I seem the sporty type?! I probably won’t understand computer language as I am the sort of girl who’s F1 button fell off and I selo taped it back on but I don’t have a clue what the F1 button does ! But I will study your Bool with great interest 😉

      • Wyrd Smythe

        Well, that depends on how you define “sporty” doesn’t it!

        So the joke about the drowning guy who’s yelling, “F1! F1! F1!” wouldn’t seem very funny to you! (F1 is the usual “Help” key for a lot of applications, including Windows©™®☠☢ itself.)

      • heysugarsugar

        Is that so? Help? Good job I selo taped it back on.

  • The Green Study

    I’m starting a second blog in 2013, so I can continue to blather relentlessly and personally at The Green Study, but turn my focus to fiction. Yours will be about BOOL, mine complete bull. Enjoy the new year – many more adventures to come!

    • Wyrd Smythe

      The BOOL and Bull Blogs! I love it!!

      I’ve been (not very seriously) toying with the idea of a fiction blog for short stories. Erotic short stores. Can’t do it here; my mom reads this blog! 🙂

      Have a very Happy New Year, my friend!!

  • yarnspinnerr

    1984 and 2012 – two predictions that did not come true.

    I believe the world is going to go on and on (at least in terms of human perception of time). We Hindus have another scale of time ,,,,,, the time scale of Brahma …… It is in that time scale that world ends and new ones are formed.

    Happy New Year 🙂

    • Wyrd Smythe

      Along with 2001, 2011 and plenty of others!

      Yes, I’ve learned a little about this from co-workers. You have your own Trinity. Brahma creates; Vishnu preserves; Shiva destroys. Fascinating, beautiful, colorful and complex. It’s really quite breath-taking.

  • Lady from Manila

    A drowning man yelling “F1!F1!F1!” That’s silly, but it made me laugh hard!
    Your blog impresses me as a real gold mine, WS. I’ve rarely encountered other sites that could entertain and enlighten at the same time. And you were right on target in saying people want most what connects with them.

    I hope you don’t mind my sentiments about FPressed stuff. I made the mistake of viewing the page of blog posts chosen by WP staff in the past and 90% of them I found dull and unexceptional. Getting FP’d doesn’t in a meaningful way reflect on the blogger’s talent, in my opinion. I’ve followed the very few brightest writers on WP for several months who never got the nod. One of my favorites – a female therapist who happens to write like no other (in gripping metaphorical style) – did make it, although her lucky entry was the post that showcased her HG-def photo shots of bees. Imagine!
    Then, there was this pro writer (a Hollywood scriptwriter by day) who got more than a hundred Likes and comments on his FPressed post. But on his very next entry, I found myself totally alone clicking Like on it. I was thinking, “What happened?”
    I am also planning to set up a new blog soon. Man, I am sick and tired of my mawkish writings. I aim to do something more educational as a blogger, too. 🙂
    Great job you’ve done on this fabulous site, WS.

    • Wyrd Smythe

      Thank you so much for your kind words! It’s always wonderful to have a fan, and more importantly, one who apparently “gets” a lot of what I put out there.

      Totally with you on the Fresh Pressed. I was Fresh Pressed last December, and as with your therapist blogger, it was a post that wasn’t original writing. It almost seems random who is FP. There are long time bloggers here who’ve never been, and first timers who’ve been more than once. It makes no sense to me.

      And the crowd does tend to move on to the next new thing. Such is the nature of the world these days. “What’s new? Okay, cool. What’s next??”

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