Geek Posts Ahead!

Sideband MachineAs one might guess from yesterday’s post, which was supposed to be about vampires, that the geek force runs strong in this one. Of course, it always does. Far as I can tell, I was born an über-geek and shall remain an über-geek until my final breath (which will no doubt be some geeky observation).

But then geek comes from “carnival geek” and just means someone with expertise in a niche field. I’m fine with that — it’s just the plain truth in my case — but I like to believe my expertise is maybe just a little bit broader than biting heads off chickens. (On the other hand, as perhaps everyone does, I’ve sometimes wondered if joining a carnival might not make for a much simpler life.)

In any event, for a while I intend to indulge my inner über-geek.

Call it a transition from head-down intense project work back to more normal pursuits. There’s a lot in my head to shake out, and some of it I want to document somehow anyway. Increasingly, my blog seems like a good place to record ideas and thinking. They’re much harder to misplace!

[And I keep hoping to encounter people who, like in the olden days before all the arachnophilia, enjoy a good online discussion of abstract and intricate ideas. That kind of thinking almost seems to be dying out.]

Sideband ElectrodeSo I’m going to get it out of my system (for now — the geek energy accumulates over time). Expect to see a whole bunch of Sideband articles! I want to write about some POV-Ray techniques (which may be of interest to other users), and I’ve been thinking about Cantor and the continuum…

At least they’ll be clearly marked.  I’m clear in my mind now. Sidebands are for highly technical articles. Brain Bubbles are for what I thought Sidebands were going to be: those random idle “not really a full post” thoughts.

(You may have noticed. Being highly organized … definite geek trait!)

So anyway, you’ve been warned. This is now a high-geek zone!

In the meantime, perhaps you’ll enjoy some seasonal articles from last year:

And by “season,” of course I mean Chillaxmas!

Geek Test

Can you guess what this is?


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