Storm Damage

storm-damageThose of us in parts of the country that experience snow and ice and sub-zero temperatures have had a very tough winter this year! As we dig ourselves out from under the covers, it’s nice to finally begin to enjoy the coming summer (despite the chilly Minnesota days this past week of May).

In an email to a friend in Southern California I was bemoaning the awful weather, and she wrote back to remind me that they have their own share of devastating weather. They, too, have suffered under the cruel lash of Mother Nature. My friend kindly sent me the photo you see here illustrating the horrific damage done to their outdoor deck due to a passing west coast storm this past month. Fortunately, once the storm passed they were able to leave the shelter of their home and begin to set things right again.

It really makes you cherish what you have, and reminds us not to take life for granted!

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