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blue light specialSpeaking of Happiness Moments, I finished my POV-Ray Tardis project.

Or more accurately, I finished the first phase of the project. The beauty of something like this is that you can return to it later and add details or make improvements. Sometimes you learn a new trick that can be retro-fitted to an older project.

That can happen on programming projects, too. Exposure to the Smalltalk and Lisp communities gave me a view of code as a living thing that evolves (sometimes daily) as all living things do.

I’ll write about that sometime, but today I just want to show off my Tardis!

[Click pics for bigger pic.]

Tardis 01

Oh, oh! It appears the Tardis has been trapped in some sort of evil space trap. (The red glow tells us that it must be evil.) The Tardis is fighting back with a force field. What will happen next?

Tardis 02

We made it safely inside the force field. The Tardis looks unharmed! In fact, it looks a bit too new. Sometime I’ll look at ways to apply a “weathered and dirty” look.

Tardis 06

One thing that made this a lot easier is using existing images for the “Police Box” and “Pull To Open” signs. The former might have been doable with text objects, but the large white front sign would have been a tough trick.

Tardis 08

Ray tracing is powerful enough that you can simulate real lenses (you can give a transparent object an Index of Refraction), but it really bumps up the render time. So instead of making a real Fresnel lens for the blue lamp, I just faked it with a striped pattern.

Tardis 07

How about the handle on that baby? I think I’ve mentioned that I may have a touch of OCD that—fortunately—seems to manifest only in my work. (You certainly don’t see it in my housekeeping or lifestyle!)

Tardis 12

I did originally have a much simpler handle and lock, but I just can’t resist putting in little details that make it look more life-like. I so completely identify with those guys who spend hours building a ship in a bottle. Or even just any model maker, really. That’s all this is.

Tardis 13

Unfortunately, my Tardis has a rather normal-looking inside. (Or is that just its disguise? Maybe you’re not allowed to see its real insides.)

Tardis 14

And where did that stool come from? (Again the compulsive detail: no one will ever see that ceiling light! The windows are not actually transparent; they’re just a glowy orange color.)

One of these days I should really learn to do that slideshow thing… this would have been perfect for it. On the other hand, there is something nice about seeing all the pictures, even if it does boost the page load time. (At least I put them below the fold!) I guess I’m kind of on the fence, which is why I haven’t made the effort to learn the trick.

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