True Minnesotan

You know you’re a True Minnesotan when you wake up, realize that while it’s 19 out, it’s also a clear blue sky because the storm passed during the night, so you hurry through breakfast so you can go out and play in the snow.


By which I mean shovel your sidewalk and driveway before the condo crew show up and spoil the fun.

I’m not kidding; I enjoy shoveling. I also enjoy washing dishes.

In both cases, it’s because those are things I hardly ever do. There’s a machine that washes my beer glasses and plates — it’s built right into the kitchen, which is convenient. But doing it myself sometimes lets me play in the water.


Step 1: Shovel the sidewalk! (So I can order Chinese food later.)

Shoveling snow lets me play outside. If I go out and build snow people (let alone a really cool snow fort), the neighbors call the men with butterfly nets. But a guy out shoveling snow? That’s perfectly normal. 😀


Step 2: Shift all the snow in the drive to the left.

And it’s some nice exercise. I’ve never enjoyed exercise just for the sake of exercise. If I’m going to put in a lot of effort and get all sweaty, I want to accomplish something. When I’m done there should at least be a dog house (or a driveway cleared of snow).


All done! Now I can order some Sesame Chicken!

I’m old-fashioned; I use a shovel (not a snow blower). No doubt if I had to do this more than once in a while for fun, I’d resort to operating light-weight machinery.

I apologize if my snow glee puts off any from the East  Coast who suffered through that major blizzard. It’s just that, around here, we’ve once again been struck by lack of winter snow. Check it out:


December 19, 2015 — Tiny vestiges of an earlier snowfall remain…

I have a little game I play every winter. It’s called When Will It Snow (and stay). It consists of three questions: Will it snow by Halloween? Will it snow by Thanksgiving? Will it snow by Christmas?


December 23, 2015 — It freakin’ rained!

Lately, snow by Thanksgiving has been iffy, at best. We’ve generally managed to have some snow by Christmas, but some years, not so much. Per the song (several, actually), it really ought to snow for Christmas!


December 25, 2015 — Here’s our “white” Christmas. Pffft.

Quite honestly, I was a little jealous of that blizzard back east, so when we finally got a decent Minnesnowta winter snow storm, it put a big smile on my face.

And sent me out to shovel!

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