Protest Signs #3

So many said it so often: “When someone shows you who he is, believe him.”

Who he is (a human monster, just so we’re clear), has been apparent since he first appeared in the public eye. Combine the silver spoon of wealth with an almost radically immoral mentoring, and there ya go.

I understand the anger behind betting on this wildcard, but I do not understand continuing to support a clearly unfit swamp-meister. And not just incompetent — that at least might be funny — but thoroughly corrupt and self-serving.

And that’s not funny.

Vampire Lore: You have to invite the monster in. But once he’s in, good luck getting rid of him.

Here’s the photo that inspired this one:

Click the top image for a big version.

See the first post in the series for: Huh? What’s this?

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