This Is Where We Are

So it’s June 2020 in America and the level of surrealism, against all sane odds, has risen to new heights. The surrealism of Pumpkin King World these last four years turned out to be just the foothills. Then came the COVID-19 mountains and toilet paper and face-masks and social distancing, and it got more surreal. The air was getting thin, and it was hard to catch one’s breath.

Now a Minneapolis cop has murdered George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man. Justified rage has erupted, and the city is in rebellion. Protests have spread nationwide. The local counties have imposed curfews for the weekend. (Friday night, unsure how real it was, I left a friend’s house later than I should have and was technically in violation of the 8:00 PM curfew before I got home. The bright daylight of summer, the streets all but empty, it was eerie.)

The surreal mountains grew to a surreal Olympus, and there is no air left at all.

I had a series of posts set up to publish this week. Then I thought to push them off to write about this insanity. But I found myself stuck, unable to find the words. (What does an old white guy have to say that’s relevant?) So I’m letting the series publish while I watch and think. (As you’ll see, it’s a series you can easily ignore while you do your own watching and thinking.)

Stay safe and thoughtful, my friends.

Black Lives Matter!

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