Big Yawn!

They say you’re supposed to let sleeping dogs lie. Personally, I’ve always thought a sleeping dog was pretty honest — I’m not exactly even sure how anyone could lie in their sleep. Tell fibs in your dreams? (Some old sayings just don’t make any sense.) I don’t think we should let anyone get away with lying, sleeping or otherwise (especially Presidents).

I do think there is something extra sweet about a sleeping dog. Maybe it’s a matter of the trust they’re showing — how they feel safe with you. Next to you, they can relax and fall into a deep snoring sleep. Dogs can have concerns about being left home alone, and if they are in your lap they know right where you are.

In any case, from the terminally cute file…

All these pictures were taken within a two-minute span.

So relaxed after a walk!

I feel a yawn coming on…


…My, yes!

What’s with the pictures?

I especially love the last picture.

This was a little experiment. I was making myself yawn to see if it would cause Bentley to yawn.

As you can see, yep.

It’s a way people (or dogs) show (unconsciously) that they are simpatico with you. If others yawn when you yawn yourself, that’s a good sign they feel some bond with you.

I must be simpatico with Bentley. Just looking at those pictures makes me feel a yawn coming on.

And what better day than Sunday to kick back on the couch with a good book, yawn, and maybe take a nice nap. I’m a big believer in the idea of a “Sabbath” day — a day different from, and more relaxed than, your normal week days.

Maybe another Nero Wolfe novel

Stay relaxed, my friends!

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3 responses to “Big Yawn!

  • Wyrd Smythe

    (That white thing is my right foot.)

  • rung2diotimasladder

    Fantastic photos! I love the yawn exchange. So sweet.

    Sometimes when Geordie and I are out on our walk, he’ll stop and turn to look in a certain direction as though he noticed something (maybe a coyote or javelina) and then I’ll stop and look. Then a few seconds later, I’ll turn and look again. Then he’ll see me looking and he’ll stop and look again. Then I’ll assume there’s really something there and I’ll stop and look harder. Etc. This tripping each other out can go on and on.

    • Wyrd Smythe

      Ha, that’s cute! I’ve never really tried to get a dog to look where I’m looking. I’ll have to try that with Bentley some time.

      I do look where they’re looking. Sometimes there’s nothing to see; sometimes there is. Their hearing is so much better (and mine is pretty useless).

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