Little Big Town

Tonight a very brief post to introduce you to a band I really love and to share with you one of their tunes that us very close to the top of my favorites list.

The name of the band is Little Big Town, and I first encountered them on the cable music channel Palladia. I  happened to channel surf into a concert video that featured four musicians I didn’t recognize playing with someone I immediately recognized (for his unique guitar-playing style, if nothing else): Lindsey Buckingham.

Any Rock and Roll fan knows who Lindsey Buckingham is. He’s one of the key members of (what most people think of as) Fleetwood Mac.

Buckingham is an amazing guitarist, definitely one of the best, and that unique string-flicking guitar-playing style of his is always fun to watch (I cannot for the life of me figure out how he does it).

So naturally I stopped surfing and started watching, and I’m so glad I did. It led me to discover that the four musicians behind Buckingham comprised a country rock band, called Little Big Town.

Who have become one of my favorite bands.

Why were these musicians playing with Lindsey Buckingham? Ah, that’s part of what’s really cool. These four musicians love Fleetwood Mac and patterned their music after them, so playing behind Buckingham was a dream come true for them.

After the concert was over, I immediately went to iTunes and bought a couple of their albums.

Loved both, so I bought the other two (and I see from the Wiki article, they have a new one out just last month — don’t need to hear it; just need to purchase it).  Their catalog (so far) consists of:

  1. Little Big Town (2002)
  2. The Road to Here (2005)
  3. A Place to Land (2007)
  4. The Reason Why (2010)
  5. Tornado (2012)

If you like Fleetwood Mac, it’s almost a certainty you will like Little Big Town. Their music evokes Fleetwood without being Fleetwood.

My main iTunes Favorites list has 328 songs (over 24 hours of my favorite tunes), four of which are Little Big Town’s.

Three come from their third album, and this one, From This Dream, comes from their first.

It may well be one of the sweetest tunes in my list. I love the rich harmonies and instrumentation, and the lyrics ain’t bad, either.

It’s one of those songs I can play over and over (and over (and over (and over (and …)))).


I don’t want to wake up
From this dream that I’m in
If I should wake up
I’m afraid it’ll end
When I’m with you
Dreams come true
Life is full and so enthralling
I feel like I’m flying, falling
I don’t want to wake up…

From this dream
Lying beside you
Time standing still
Angels surrounded us
And I pray they always will
In this twilight
Holding you tight
All the world has disappeared
Everything I want is here
I don’t want to wake up…

Stay musical, my friends!

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