The Highwomen

Last week I discovered The Highwomen, a musical supergroup comprised of singer-songwriters Brandi Carlile, Natalie Hemby, Maren Morris, and Amanda Shires. They are, for the moment, my new favorites, and today I’m going to just turn the stage over to them:

Such a powerful anthem! That was their official video of the tune (from their YouTube channel).

It’s such a good tune it’s worth listening to again. Here’s a live version (from The Tonight Show). One thing I like about this clip is that the closed captioning has the lyrics. I recommend turning that on and following along. The lyrics have a message — these are people with something to say. (So listen.)

Here’s a live version of another tune of theirs (and again, way worth paying attention to the lyrics):

What’s cool about this tune is its connection with the previous post. It’s an anthem of inclusion — a “crowded table.”

And finally, they’ve been catching a lot of attention with this cover of the Fleetwood Mac classic “The Chain” — you’re gonna wanna crank this one up:

Wow! Just wow!


Their first album isn’t out yet, just these three tunes so far,  but I’ve already pre-ordered it, and I hope it’s out soon!

Stay musical, my friends!

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