Wednesday Wow!

Welcome to Wednesday Wow, an irregular series appearing from time to time when I want to write about something that made me say, “Wow!” Or which made me say, “Weird!” Or, “Wonderful!” Or possibly even, “Wild!!”

There may also be posts about Widgets, Whirligigs, Wiccans, Waffles, Wallpaper, Whimsy, Wisdom, Wit, Weather, Wind, Winter, Wushu, Wackos, Whatnots, Wherefores or Whatever.

But not about Women, Wenches or Wahines; they’re too special to be limited to a day, even though they often make me say, “Wow! Wonderful!”

Nor will it be about Work, War or Woodlands. Also, no Whining, Whipping, Whispers, Whistling, Windows, Wine or Whiskey. And I’ll try to not be Wanton, Wonky, Whistful or Worrisome. I can’t guarantee I won’t wander into being a Wry Wiseass. And I hope my Words won’t be Wrong, Wasted or a Wreck.

Wow, Weird & Wild

This Wednesday’s Wow (and the idea for this series) comes from being wowed by the advances in robot dogs! If a picture is Worth a thousand Words, then video must be Worth a Wealth of them.

Without further ado:

Wow! Eerie!!


When I got up this morning and looked out the window, I saw a flock of geese in the ‘V’ formation headed south. Another sign of Winter!

(Would have been really cool if they had been in a ‘W’ formation!)

A Joke About Wells

Do you know the one about the country doctor who made a house call to a sick patient?

After he had cared for his patient and was leaving, he was thirsty, so he stopped at the well outside the house for a drink of cool well water. Unfortunately, it was dark at this point, and there was no moon, so the doctor slipped and fell into the well, breaking bones and nearly drowning in the process.

Which just goes to show.

Doctors should attend the sick and leave the well alone!

Have a wonderful, wild, weird, wow of a Wednesday!

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