Daily Archives: September 8, 2012

57 and Rising

When I woke up this morning, it was 67 degrees in the house and 57 outside. (Fahrenheit, by the way.) Right now I’m sitting here fighting the urge to turn on the furnace. Or at least put on some socks (I’m a barefoot boy unless I absolutely, positively must wear shoes; I rarely am stocking footed; shoes or nothing, preferably nothing).

Or maybe even just close the windows.

But it’s supposed to warm up to 77 or 78 today, so I’m fighting the urge. I don’t even want to close the windows. I love fall weather, and I’ve been so much enjoying that period between needing the air conditioner to fight the heat and humidity and needing the furnace to fight Old Man Winter.

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Google Trek

Star Trek fans, go to Google right now (Go Ogle)!

They’re celebrating the 46th anniversary of Star Trek, and the Google artwork is delightful and provides some fun.

Mouse over the image and click anything that lights up with a line around it!

See if you can find the tribbles!

See if you can beam down to the planet and defeat the monster!

See if you can see the Enterprise fly.

Happy 46th Anniversary Star Trek!!

[Pass it on to your Trekker friends.]