The Big Blue

Fell asleep reading a Nero Wolfe novel and woke up to a new world. Pennsylvania and Nevada called, Arizona still breaking for Biden/Harris…

Pretty nice thing to wake up to!

We can finally start waking up from this nightmare. We have a long way back to climb, and cutting the head off the beast won’t kill the body. We’re still a very divided country in our views, thoughts, and hearts.

But damn it’s been nice hearing Biden speak these last few days. It’s nice to hear an American President speaking. It’s been a long time we’ve been listening to a damn clown — a national joke that became a national disgrace and embarrassment.


Think of this election and all that led up to it as the first book of a trilogy — The Quest for America’s Soul.

Now comes the second book, which features various battle scenes and conflicts resulting from the major battle in the first book.

Finally, we hope, comes the third book, in which the heroes begin to knit back together a world based on a better view of ourselves and others.


At least, that’s the author’s outline that sold the series. Here’s to hoping to see the whole series (and possible sequels)!

Yay America! A lot of us can finally unclench and start breathing again.

And I can finally open that bottle of champagne!

Stay voting, my friends! Go forth and spread beauty and light.

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The canonical fool on the hill watching the sunset and the rotation of the planet and thinking what he imagines are large thoughts. View all posts by Wyrd Smythe

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