My 409

409I did something special for #300, but I blew past #400 without really noticing. I had the idea of doing #404 on the “404 Page Not Found” error, but I’d already blown past that milestone, too. I’d pretty much decided to just wait for #500 and really uncork the champagne then.

And it’s all a bit muddled because there are also 29 pages here and quite a few posts on my other three blogs, so it’s not like I’m literally just into the 400s even on just blog publications. For that matter, I’ve been online since the 1980s — I’ve put a ton of stuff out there in three decades (including a personal website since 1998).

But still, this is the 409th post on Logos con carne.

409 chevyWhich, compared to the older or more prolific bloggers, isn’t all that much. It’s not even that much compared to many bloggers who started about when I did in 2011. I’ve gone through month-long periods of very low activity. The occasional months of very high activity don’t really compensate.

[One of life’s tinier mysteries: why I can never remember “occasional” has just one ‘s’.]

I did like my idea for using the 400-series browser codes as a kick-off for a blog. (Consider the idea up for grabs.) There are some interesting choices besides the well-known 404 Page Not Found error.

Starting with some of the more boring ones, there is 401 Unauthorized and 403 Forbidden as well as 406 Not Acceptable.

404 errorI’ve talked about the role of conflict in modern life. It would have been appropriate to write such a post here because of the 409 Conflict error code. Were I considering taking a break from blogging, I could announce it in the next post with the 410 Gone code.

Most of the codes above 410 are pretty specialized (and not as much fun), but there are a couple of gems. There is the 418 I’m a teapot code which is defined in one of the April Fool’s joke RFC standards (RFC2324). The standard defines the coffee: protocol and adds a BREW request method.

There is also (and this will be funnier to some people than others) the  420 Enhance Your Calm error code produced by the version 1 Twitter Search and Trends API to limit a client’s request rate. (This in lieu of the ordinary code: 429 Too Many Requests.)

 But I’m feeling lazy today, so instead you get references to: an all-purpose cleaner, a Chevy engine and a Beach Boys song. Happy 409th post!

She’s real fine, my 409
She’s real fine, my 409
My 409

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