Sunday Baseball

SundayAfter Saturn-Day comes Sun-Day, a day named after our local star. (To clarify: I’m referring to the nearby ball of hot, flaming gas, not a regional celebrity.) ((To clarify the clarification: I’m also not referring to any politician, but to the astronomical object.)) [And by ‘astronomical’ I mean ‘in space’ not ‘really, really big’ (although in this case both apply). And by ‘space’ I mean ‘outer,’ not the stuff in your attic.]

I trust things are perfectly clear now. It’s Sunday, so we worship the sun. Or in many cases, the Son. It may be a sacred day—a Sabbath day—or it may be just a day off from (normal) work. [For some parts of the world, it’s just a regular work day.]

A very common view is that Sunday afternoon is just for fun.

picnicYou’ve had a day to shake off work, clean out the garage and work in the garden (or whatever your day-off chores might be). Sunday morning you may laze in bed with breakfast and the paper, or you might head off to church. But Sunday afternoon is for fun.

It’s for picnics and zoo trips and splashing around at the beach. It’s for enjoying the rest of your weekend before returning to the ol’ grindstone. (Well, for those that aren’t retired! :)) And Sundays are for Sunday afternoon baseball.

The fact is, during the baseball season, nearly all days are baseball days. There are some dates when very few games are played, but during the season, someone plays Major League baseball somewhere every day.

With one exception: The Major League All-Star Game.

All-Star Game 2013The All-Star Game takes place roughly halfway through the season (this year on 7/16). On this occasion, ML baseball takes four days off (except for those players selected for the game or the Home Run Derby the day prior). In theory, the players in the ASG are the best in baseball. Each team has at least one player present. At stake: home field advantage in the October World Series.

As I begin this post, the Minnesota Twins are playing the New York Yankees at (the new) Yankee Stadium. All 30 MLB teams are playing somewhere today, because tomorrow begins the four days off. The Home Run Derby (an associated event) is on Monday. The All-Star Game is Tuesday evening.

The Twins have had a tough time lately. They managed to win against the Yankees yesterday—that was only their second win this month! Normally the Yankees are a fearsome team, but lately they’ve been struggling, largely with player injuries. They’re currently in fourth place in their division (out of five). Still, like any wounded animal, they’re still pretty dangerous.

So I’m going to watch some baseball. Be back later!

Later that day…

Well, what do you know; we won! So now we’re 3-11 (.214) in July. That’s pretty ghastly. We’re 39-53 (.424) on the season; 14 games below the .500 mark. Not a good way to end the first half! We, too, are in fourth place.

Twins GAB 500

They did okay at first, but suffered two losing streaks.

It’s actually much later that day. After the game I caught up on this week’s TNT shows. There are four that I follow: Major Crimes (the sequel or spin-off to The Closer), Perception, the new King & Maxwell and Rizzoli & Isles.  That last one is a guilty pleasure (two words: Angie Harmon).  I haven’t made up my mind about King & Maxwell. It’s not grabbing me much so far.

NCIS GibbsThe main reason I checked it out was because it’s a creation of Shane Brennan, who’s behind NCIS:Los Angeles, and who was part of NCIS. Thing is, I’m not nearly as much a fan of the LA version of the show (the original is in my top five).  That’s a post for another time. (By the way: I’m periodically re-watching all of the NCIS series so I can try to write down all of Gibbs’ rules.)

Detective Jane RizzoliI said above I watched the four TNT shows I follow after the ballgame. That wasn’t true. Yet. I still have this week’s episode of Rizzoli & Isles. I just wanted to take a little break to get this out post before the (Sun) day ends.

One thing before I go: to celebrate the All-Star Game, I’m going to be posting about baseball for the next four days.  Just giving you prior warning!  (To keep you on your toes, I might sneak in a  post that isn’t about baseball. You never know; I make no promises.)

I hope you enjoyed your Sun-Day.  Batter up!

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2 responses to “Sunday Baseball

  • dianasschwenk

    Wow I’ve learned more about baseball than I’ve ever known! Hey have you seen that show The Following yet? Egads, I spend most of my time watching through my fingers!

    • Wyrd Smythe

      I’d never heard of The Following. Thing is, I don’t watch Fox TV. About the only TV I watch in real time is baseball. Nearly all other shows I watch via OnDemand where they either don’t have commercials, or you can FF through them. Fox is one of those (ABC and NBC do it, too) that disables FF in OnDemand. Fox also leaves all the commercials in (I think ABC does, too); NBC, after about a week, puts up a version with only a few self-promos and maybe a PSA. CBS and TNT allow FF and they put up a reduced (or even no) commercials versions.

      So mostly I watch shows on CBS and TNT, is my point! 😀

      Keep reading, and you’ll learn a lot more about baseball!

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