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Weekend Frisson

The old grindstone!

The old grindstone!

It has been creating delightful occasions of frisson. After putting in a full work week, one enjoys the weekend, a bit of time off before returning to work.  Except that this weekend lasts forever.  This is not time off before returning to the grindstone, because that grindstone no longer hangs around my neck!

I promise to stop going on (and on and on) about this Real Soon Now.  Quite a number of friends have expressed their jealousy (in mild jest, I hope).  Just keep in mind that I jumped ship pretty early pension-wise, so how well this works out for me remains to be seen.

And you’ll have to bear with me if I blather on about work (or retirement) a bit longer.  It’s a pretty major life change!

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4,.. 3,.. 2,.. 1!

lift off!A few hours ago I walked out of work for the last time. (Actually, it’s likely I’ll visit again, which of course involves both walking in and out, but that will be as retiree come back to visit. (Or possibly a consultant come back to save their ass, but that seems somewhat unlikely on several counts.)) Yet in the poetic sense, it was the last time.

It wasn’t quite as weird as one might think. I’ve been leaving in my head and heart for a while. Today was more like a wheel that’s been slowing down finally coming to a stop. A final turn. Answering one last email, and then out the door.

Today marked the end of an era.

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8,.. 7,.. 6,.. 5,..

retirement clockOnly four more days remain of my career at The Company! It’s hard to believe (and not a little weird).  The only thing in my life that’s lasted longer than this career is my life itself.  I’ve never lived in one place anywhere near that long (and my romantic relationships have all been famously short).

This week we sort of edged part of the data chain into production this past week.  Supposedly the rest is being pushed there this weekend.  I’ve got four days to test in production, wrap up a career, and then I walk out the door!

As you might imagine, my mind is really not in the blogsphere right now!

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BB #25: Orange You Glad

blue skiesAfter a seemingly endless succession of gloomy, cloudy, drizzly days, we’ve managed to pull off a couple of blue-sky, bright sunny days! Not in a row, mind you, but Friday was beautiful, and today is downright glorious! Sunday is truly earning its name today!

The Minnesota Twins, bless their hearts, even pulled off a win against the Detroit Tigers yesterday (hoping for another today). That gives them a win-loss record of 30-35, only five games below the desired .500 mark. (It’s a no-go mojo for a team to play below .500 or a batter to hit below .200 (in infamous “Mendoza Line“).)

On a day like today one can’t help but to think about oranges.

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10… 9…

countdownThursday and Friday of this past week were days 10 and 9 in [big booming voice] The Countdown to Retirement.  I’m taking Mondays off in June (no more Monday mornings!), so I have two four-day weeks remaining in my 33-year career at The Company.

And it’s a good thing I decided to stay through June. The project I’ve been working on since last September still hasn’t hit production (through, I stress, absolutely no fault of mine).

This week we finally got to the point of end-to-end testing in the QA environment, and I’m anticipating we’ll start testing in production next week.  Talk about taking it down to the wire!

As you might imagine, rather than lazily basking in the last remaining weeks of my career, I’m instead working my ass off!

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