Send A Prayer


And on the Field of Dreams a new pitcher steps to the mound…

Miami Marlins ace pitcher, José Fernández, was killed in a boating accident early Sunday morning in Miami Beach. He was 24 and had been pitching for the Marlins since 2013, his entire Major League career.

And heaven certainly gained an ace starter. During his brief career, his ERA was never above (or even reached) 3.00.

But it’s obviously a devastating loss for his family, his friends and teammates, and for baseball in general. A sad day for all baseball fans.

Rest in pitching, dude!

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One response to “Send A Prayer

  • Wyrd Smythe

    Not in the same league as sad things go, but a sad thing even so, today was Vin Scully’s last broadcast for the Dodgers. (A tiny silver lining is that they clinched the NL-West today.)

    And even further down the scale of sad things, my Minnesota Twins lost their 100th game today. It’s now the worst season this century, beating the 63-99 record from 2011. The question is whether this will be the worst season in their history. The current record is 60-102 from 1982. With six games remaining, they’ll have to play better than .500 to avoid losing three. (IOW, they’re going to lose at least three.)

    Plus it’s rainy and cold. A shitty day on all levels great and small.

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