The Big Day

Well, here we go on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. I’ve said it many times: That this is even a contest says a great deal about the changes in our society in the last score or two of years. I think it’s tragic, but obviously (yet astonishingly) mileage varies.

I Voted

Funny how so many of us already have. My vote’s been in for weeks.

I’m in Dell Hell with this XPS 15 laptop. The network issue has gotten so bad it won’t hold a wi-fi connection longer than an hour or so (just a few minutes in some cases — it seems correlated actually using the network). Suffice to say I really hate Dell.

I’m not sure how many network card resets it will take to get this post out (three), and I’m so disgusted with this laptop that I’d rather read or (especially today) watch TV. Did I mention how much I hate Dell computer?


I’ve ordered a new laptop (an HP this time; I try to buy American) that’s supposed to get here Friday. Once I get that up and running, I can try taking apart this Dell and replacing the network … card? module? chip? Hopefully something I can replace or re-seat or dust off or whatever.

I’d try a clean Windows install, but I’m not sure it’s possible with a machine that won’t stay connected to the network. (And which has no removable disc drives, just USB ports.)

This verdammte machine has me so pissed off. It has become almost literally completely useless. A boat anchor. The monitor is cheap junk, and so are the wireless keyboard and mouse.

If Dell was the last computer company on Earth, I’d take up knitting.

Have I mentioned how much I hate Dell computer?


So I’m just gonna go watch the country vote and hope enough people have come to their senses — to their sanity — to provide a needed mandate through a landslide election.

‘Cause if this thing is close, we’re in for several months of Hell on Earth. (Happy Holidays.)


Stay safe, my friends! Go forth and spread beauty and light.

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