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The Big Day

Well, here we go on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. I’ve said it many times: That this is even a contest says a great deal about the changes in our society in the last score or two of years. I think it’s tragic, but obviously (yet astonishingly) mileage varies.

I Voted

Funny how so many of us already have. My vote’s been in for weeks.

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Easy Vote

Well, I did my civic duty and privilege as a democratic citizen.

I Voted

And it was a pretty easy vote in two regards.

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Vote Tomorrow!

Winter Is Coming

Fall back! Fall back!

Also: Please Vote On Tuesday!!

I Voted, 2016!

I Voted

Damn right, I did!

You did, too, right?

Went. Voted!

I Voted
You did, too, right? (Non-USA residents excused.)

Seriously. Go Vote!

Eric ClaptonI’m not sure Eric Clapton is the greatest guitar player ever. I can think of a number of other guitar “gods” that seem in his class (Carlos Santana and Lindsey Buckingham, to name just two). But I am pretty sure the late (great!) George Carlin was without peer. I can’t think of anyone else who lasted longer (50 years!), worked harder, gave us so many classic bits or been more consistently good. He died in 2008, at 71, having done his 14th HBO special just four months earlier.

I thought he went through an angry period (the 1990s, maybe?) where he seemed to lash out indiscriminately at everything and everyone. He seemed a little less funny to me then, but he was never really wrong… just angry. I only ever really disagreed with him once.

And that was on his view that you shouldn’t vote.

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I Voted!

Did you?


It’s bad enough now in politics (and for all I know, it has been ever thus) that one winds up so often voting for the least worst candidate. This year many of us are faced with having to vote against a candidate we feel would be real disaster for the country.

I’m speaking, of course, of the Republican contender for the Presidency, Mitt Romney.  It’s hard for me to understand how someone like him got as far as he did, but the Republicans are the ones who thought Sarah Palin was a good idea.

I never imagined I would write about politics here, but the current situation seems to demand all able bodies speaking up and making their voices heard. I doubt anything I write will change anyone’s mind, and so this may be nothing more than a rant.

But apparently this is my week to rant about stuff that’s going on. I started the week ranting about NCIS, now I rant about politics.

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