No Slamming!

I have a proposition for all of us on the left. Starting now, let’s not support any Democratic candidate who slams another Democratic candidate (for any reason). Let’s make them focus on the Pumpkin Goblin and the Republican party.

Let’s make them allow us, the voters, to decide between their proposed solutions. Don’t make us take sides, one against each other, for that way we will surely all lose.

For example, nothing Joe Biden has ever done comes close to the least of trump’s crimes (I’ve decided that miserable excuse for a human being no longer deserves to be capitalized).

I’ll give Kamala Harris a pass this time around, but I’m not going to support any candidate who goes after their own party.

Face outwards, candidates. Face outwards.

That’s all I have to say. Simple idea. Remember what your mother taught you: Leave your brothers and sisters alone!

Stay focused on the goal, my friends!

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9 responses to “No Slamming!

  • Wyrd Smythe

    FWIW, personal opinion early in the race, as much as I like the guy, I think maybe it’s time for Ol’ Joe to let go of that torch.

    And, please, dear God: Grampa, stop yelling and go to bed.

    Right now (again, very early), I’m leaning heavily Buttigieg. I really like everything I’ve heard. I like his youth. I appreciate his service.

    OTOH, Marianne Williamson as POTUS would be a hoot.

  • SelfAwarePatterns

    I’m only lightly paying attention to the Democratic primary. I’m not even sure at this point if I’ll vote in it. But I know I’ll vote for whoever comes out on top.

    I have nothing against Biden, but I do think there’s something to be said for having a serious contest. If the candidates can’t take the slams from fellow Democrats, how are they going to fare against Trump? I personally hope a battle hardened fighter comes out of it.

    • Wyrd Smythe

      “I’m not even sure at this point if I’ll vote in it.”

      I can appreciate the lack of motivation, but I’d urge you, as an American, to always exercise your right to vote. (Maybe think of it as “pouring out a little for those who can’t be there.”)

      “If the candidates can’t take the slams from fellow Democrats, how are they going to fare against Trump?”

      That seems to be a common sentiment. This post is my way of saying I’m not sure that’s the right way to look at it.

      I’m not sure it really makes any sense at all that whoever emerges from a circular firing squad is the best candidate. I’m not sure surviving a lot of false news, innuendo, or slams of perceived past transgressions, is what I’m looking for in a leader.

      In many ways, I want the opposite of trump. Someone much more like Obama (but perhaps not quite so professorial). I want someone with intelligence, honor, dignity, compassion, understanding,…

      I don’t see any of that coming out of a food fight. (I loved Harris’ line about viewers not wanting a food fight, but discussion about putting food on the table. Exactly.)

      My plea is: Can we please not turn this into another TV series based on interpersonal conflict? Aren’t we sick and tired of that shit?

      I think the way to fight trump is with humor (laugh at him; point out his stupidity and incompetence in funny ways; so much material there) and love. Sinking to his level is a tactical mistake; few people can match him down in the muck. Remember the adage about muddy pig wrestling: The pig likes it!

      • SelfAwarePatterns

        I’ll vote if I develop a preference for one candidate over the others. It will come down to which are left by the time my state votes, (late in the process) and it’s not a done deal by then. Right now, then all have pluses and minuses. I like the Medicare for all candidates, but not some of their other positions.

        Obama is actually a master politician. He was able to issue devastating attacks while not looking like someone delivering a devastating attack. I agree it’d be good if we can get someone like that. If there’s anyone like that in the current lineup, I’d expect them to do what Obama did, outmaneuver their opponents and come out on top.

        Definitely I don’t want someone who will try to out-Trump Trump, but I do want someone who can effectively counter his attacks, using humor or any other successful tactic, while still selling people on their agenda.

      • Wyrd Smythe

        “I’ll vote if I develop a preference for one candidate over the others.”

        Again, I’ll beg you to vote regardless. Being part of the number who show up adds momentum. Being part of the number who don’t show up adds momentum in the wrong way.

        I think there is value in participating and showing up. Please consider voting.

        “Obama is actually a master politician. He was able to issue devastating attacks while not looking like someone delivering a devastating attack.”

        Exactly. He elevated the conversation while still putting up a fight.

        “I do want someone who can effectively counter his attacks,…”

        Exactly again. I think the key might be to be the opposite of trump. I want a leader, not another bully.

  • Lee Roetcisoender

    What really fascinates me is that nobody, and I mean nobody, not even the intellectuals of our society ever consider the idea of moving away from the archaic model of a democratic republic and replacing it with a true democracy. It’s like: “Yeah, a democratic republic is as good as it gets and we just have to figure out how to make it work.” That’s the problem: a democratic republic does work, and it functions just like it is designed to function. It’s a blueprint for corruption and abuse of power by serving the few, not the many.

    Personally, I don’t get it. But it’s like Dr Phil McGraw always says: “How’s it working for you?” If it’s not working, try something new… But at the end of the day, it’s more fun to sit on the sidelines pissing and moaning than it is to take some personal responsibility and try something new.

    • Wyrd Smythe

      Unfortunately, the movers and shakers in our society tend to be heavily invested in the status quo. Certainly down at the “user level” many of us think otherwise. Just the other night, I had a long conversation with a buddy about how useless the Electoral College is and about how technology now gives us the ability for a true “one person one vote” system.

      But, honestly, I’m not sure what it would take to change any of it. I’d like to see restrictions on campaigning, but even those aren’t likely to ever happen. (Wouldn’t it be great to limit it to the three months directly prior to an election!)

      There seems to me a fundamental problem with a country this size: the “will of the people” seems too diffuse. As a public, we rarely agree on anything. For many years now I’ve thought the single most damning problem for the human race is its size. We’re evolved for a tribal (or herd) model. We’re currently existing in more a petri dish or termite mound mode now — so many millions of us.

      We simply weren’t evolved for nearly eight billion of us on the planet. So it’s not too surprising we tend to get it all wrong when it comes to “running” society. (As if we actually “ran” anything at all instead of careening along wildly and heedlessly.)

  • Lee Roetcisoender

    “But, honestly, I’m not sure what it would take to change any of it.”

    I will not contest this statement Wyrd. Nevertheless, what frustrates me the most is that the topic is not on the docket of any commentaries. Unless or until educated people begin to at least discuss the option, no movement is even possible.

    • Wyrd Smythe

      I think we’re about to find out whether any of that even matters anymore. I’ve been railing against the state of things for over 40 years (for all the good it’s ever done; minds are so hard to move). I’m very concerned we’ve grown to a size (what I was saying before) where humanity is increasingly untenable. The rise of nationalism and outright racism concern me and seem signs of a world turning its back on science, fact-based reasoning (the dialectic), and even intelligence.

      We seem to be rejecting the notions of a global future involving humanity against entropy in favor of tribalism and a reversion to the evolutionary ethics of “got mine!” That abomination of a POTUS is a symptom of potential social collapse back to the dark ages.

      Which is all to say that the finer points of democracy, or just intelligent nuance in general, seem (for now) to be something from our past.

      I used to joke that, “If there was a button that would destroy the world, on my really bad days, you’d have to kill me to stop me from pressing it.” These days, (A) it’s not so much of a joke anymore, and (B) since the 2016 election, it’s been pretty much all bad days.

      I’ve kinda stopped caring about, or seeing any future for, the human race. At this point, might as well fiddle away while it all burns.

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