Let’s Fool The Pollsters

new ruleNew rule! From now on, if any political pollsters contact you in any way, make up a bunch of crazy stuff to tell them. Give them anything but your genuine opinions. In fact, go for the craziest options they offer!

Maybe if we make their polls so completely worthless they’ll stop and we can stop being subjected to an endless barrage of them every time there’s an election. I mean, have you ever really thought about what value polls have? Does how others vote matter to you?

Whadda ya think? Change Approved?

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6 responses to “Let’s Fool The Pollsters

  • Lady from Manila

    Trump might have emerged victorious in seven states yet I’ve observed the actual votes he got do not exactly match the recent polls that had been conducted. Plus I still have to read how a “brokered convention” could lead to his not securing the nomination.

    Marco Rubio won in Minnesota, as you may already know, and the battle between Trump and him in Virginia – not to mention Oklahoma for 2nd place – was tight. Cruz’s success, however, is more impressive.

    But it’s clear as day that if Trump doesn’t become the GOP candidate, it’ll be quite painless for Hillary’s political machinery to swallow, chew and spit out either of the junior Cuban senators. 🙂

    • Wyrd Smythe

      I’m pretty proud that Minnesota is the first state so far to hand Trump a third-place slot! And we gave Bernie Sanders a win! Nice going Minnesota! I would have been happier had we elevated Kasich rather than Rubio, but it’s interesting we gave Rubio his first win so far. We’ve always been an unusual state in our own humble way.

      I suspect Cruz is starting to slip; Rubio may (or may not) be positioned to rise. Trump? Who knows, no one can predict such a wild card (which is appearing to be a trump card). There are some signs his behavior might be catching up to him, but he’s also showing signs of toning down that behavior. (Some think Christie is providing a moderating effect. But his facial expressions as he stood behind Trump last night? Priceless!)

      Frankly, I think there’s a good chance the Democrats can make mince-meat out of any of the three top GOP guys (let alone Kasich and Carson). It’s quite possible we’re seeing the end of the GOP party in American.

  • Lady from Manila

    I knew you’d say that about Minnesota going to Marco Rubio. 🙂

    Don’t you agree that when Rubio and Kasich finally quit the race, Cruz will end up capturing their supporters?

    I’ve long perceived you’re a Democrat, Wyrd, and sort of conjectured (I could be very wrong) you’ve been rooting for Hillary. Not wishing to get your goat in any way 🙂 , I am curious as to what you have to say on Hillary’s strength in this current election (something that baffles me) in spite of her email server offence, the Benghazi tragedy, and the alleged corruption within the Clinton Foundation.

    They say the GOP Establishment would rather hand the presidency to Hillary than stand behind Trump. They at least can keep on with their crooked ways and are assured of remaining “untouchable.”

    Yes, Twitter went wild with that Christie facial expression. ha ha!

    • Wyrd Smythe

      “Don’t you agree that when Rubio and Kasich finally quit the race, Cruz will end up capturing their supporters?”

      No, I don’t think it’ll work that way. For one thing, both (and Carson) are very clear: they ain’t droppin’ out! Rubio, especially, won’t, and right now there’s no reason he should. He’s the one the GOP establishment finds most palatable.

      “I’ve long perceived you’re a Democrat, Wyrd,..”

      Not really, although I often end up having to vote that way. See my Climbing Sand Dunes post. The problem is that voting for an Independent wastes a vote and harms another candidate — and usually not the one you’d wish it would. So you end up with two choices: worst and least-worst.

      I’d be fine with either Sanders or Clinton as President. Both are flawed. Sanders is too old and too idealistic. Clinton has baggage and trust issues, but she’s an effective politician and — this is the important part — she fights the good fight. That’s her strength.

      And it’s why the GOP hates her so much and has waged a propaganda war against her for years. Benghazi is a massive propaganda effort on the part of the GOP. The email server issue is likely a tempest in a teacup, but we’ll see. Clinton Foundation, likewise, but I do know they’ve done a lot of good.

      The question is: Can you fight the good fight effectively without getting a little dirty. (And, ironically, we love it when our story heroes get a bit dirty in order to save the day.)

      “They say the GOP Establishment would rather hand the presidency to Hillary than stand behind Trump.”

      No, the GOP establishment hates Hillary Clinton. Most speakers I’ve heard say they’ll either stay home or write in someone. And they’re about to launch a massive anti-Trump campaign.

      • Lady from Manila

        I could have been brainwashed by the media against Hillary, in fact. I was actually on her side when she ran for president nearly a decade ago. I’ve great respect for her and have always adored Bill, to boot.

        I also can’t understand why there are still a few who believed Trump has been doing this all for the benefit of the Clintons in the end. He’s a businessman which means he’s too wise to spend that much time, money and energy just to do his friends such a “favour.”

        Thank you for the link. Now I remember your Libertarian predilection had faintly registered in my mind the first time I read it. Obama’s gun control policy is one thing I agree with, too. Btw, don’t forget to tell me who you’re going to vote for when November comes. 🙂

        The looming anti-Trump campaign is starting to break my heart because it seems to be working and will bring down the Donald eventually. 😦

        Thanks, too, for listening. No one here around me shares my ongoing fixation on the White House race.

      • Wyrd Smythe

        “…a few who believed Trump has been doing this all for the benefit of the Clintons…”

        [shrug] Oh, it was just an attempt to explain the strangeness of it all, an attempt to write a narration that made sense of things. There’s a scenario where Trump cares enough about liberal politics to set out to destroy the GOP.

        People (some of them, anyway) do things out of principle.

        “The looming anti-Trump campaign is starting to break my heart because it seems to be working…”

        That very much remains to be seen. It might slow him down a bit, but I suspect he has too much momentum, and too many supporters already firmly in the tank for him, to be stopped at this point.

        But the polls are increasingly showing him getting slaughtered in the general. I saw one today that puts Clinton something like 15 points ahead of him. That’s a landslide if it holds up.

        That’s the real problem for the GOP. Trump will likely with the nomination, but he doesn’t appear to be at all electable.

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