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Sideband #4: Ignorant vs Stupid

One last very important distinction: there’s a big difference between being ignorant and being stupid.

To be ignorant is to not know something.

We are all ignorant. In fact, given how much there is to know, we’re all far more ignorant than not. Granted, some more than others, and if there is any crime, it is in remaining willfully ignorant in the face of knowledge.

That’s stupid.

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Sideband #3: Good vs Like

While we’re on the topic of important distinctions, let’s also try to draw a line between the idea of liking something and the idea that something is good.

Very often people conflate the two. For example, that a “good” movie is a  movie they liked.

In fact good and like are different measurements, and I wish more people understood the difference.

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Sideband #2: Truth and Facts

A bit of Haiku:

A Thing is rarely
The whole or the only Truth.
Most Things are that way.

It’s useful to break the connection between the idea of fact and the idea of truth. A fact is a datum that stands on its own regardless of opinion, belief or perception.

A truth does reflect the opinion, belief or perception of a person.

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Cogito Ergo Sum

In my first post I mentioned René Descartes and his seminal statement, Cogito ergo sum.” I think, therefore I am. Because this statement and the ideas that spring from it lie at the heart of my philosophy and interests, it is a fitting topic for my second post. I also mentioned beginnings; these beginning posts explore such core topics as form my core and inform my mind.

And mind is the topic at hand. “I think, therefore I am,” concerns one of the most central, most personal, most mysterious, most fantastic aspects of our existence. It concerns something each of us shares every waking moment, but which remains–thus far–completely unknown.

That every moment mystery is that we think and experience. Each of us has a voice inside their head; an «I» that is us. It’s the driver of the car that says, “I’m hungry,” or “I’m going to the library.”

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Sideband #1: Wow; the interweb is… #1


Sideband posts are miscellaneous thoughts that accompany the main thread of posts.

Think of them as small paths that meander off the main road. Some branch off, go a short ways and die after a short while.

Others are scenic trails that follow along the main road. Quotes is an example of the latter. It’s too early to run into one of the former, but I’ll point out the first one when it arrives.

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