Sideband #4: Ignorant vs Stupid

One last very important distinction: there’s a big difference between being ignorant and being stupid.

To be ignorant is to not know something.

We are all ignorant. In fact, given how much there is to know, we’re all far more ignorant than not. Granted, some more than others, and if there is any crime, it is in remaining willfully ignorant in the face of knowledge.

That’s stupid.

Yet who among us can claim they’ve never eaten a stupid pill now and again? We all make the occasional mistake or bad choice. It’s those who seem to gulp down stupid pills by the handful that make me crazy.

A key difference is that ignorance is curable. Stupidity is a tougher disease.

Let me also be clear that I’m not talking about I.Q. or “book smarts.”

Some of the stupidest people can also be Mensa members.

I’ll be  honest: I think I’m pretty book smart, and I supposedly have a very high I.Q. But the course of my life shows me up as one of the stupider people I know. If you want to talk about bad choices and mistakes, well, I can tell you plenty.

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