Daily Archives: July 24, 2011

Sideband #17: Ready when you are, Mr. DeMille

You may have heard the punchline, “Ready when you are, Mr. DeMille!” Sometimes it’s abbreviated to, simply, “Ready when you are!

It’s dubious that it ever happened, and it’s not a parable — there’s no moral behind it. But it is a pretty good joke! In fact, it’s one of my favorites, and I’ve used the punchline many times.

For your dancing and dining pleasure, here it is:

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Sideband #16: And maybe the horse will sing

The title of this Sideband, “And Maybe the Horse will Sing,” comes from a story told by the ancient Greek philosopher Herodotus.

This is a parable about hope and possibilities; about how you never know what might happen even when it seems that all hope is lost.

This is a story of a thief, Nasrudin, who was caught at his thievery and, by the laws of his land, sentenced to die. Hauled up before the king, he was asked by the Royal Presence: “Is there any reason at all why I shouldn’t have your head off right now?”

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