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When we work together.

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Moar Bazball!

Royals win ALDSWow! Kansas City Royals — the wildcard team — take the Los Angeles Angels (the best team in baseball this year) three-zip in the ALDS. And that after an amazing wildcard game against the Oakland Athletics. The game last night — their fourth post-season game — was the first to go only nine innings and featured their biggest win so far: 8-3!

It’s hard to separate my rooting for them to win from how objectively great all four games have been, but I think anyone would agree these were great games. The Royals have been so much fun to watch. Their running game alone is a joy to behold.

Blue beat green in one and red in three; now they go after orange best of seven!

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Computer Haiku

It’s shaping up to be a killer week. I thought my first task in the new job would involve designing a system, but it turns out much of the business process analysis hasn’t been done yet. Given that they have a target date of December, I have my work cut out for me.

So this is likely to be a very light week blogsphere-wise (and I hate to think it could actually get worse in the weeks ahead).

If I post much at all, it’s likely to be fairly light, possibly pulled from my past writing or maybe even some golden oldies from the days of the USENET era.

With that in mind, here’s a set of computer haiku error messages that made the rounds back in the day. Enjoy!

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Sideband #2: Truth and Facts

A bit of Haiku:

A Thing is rarely
The whole or the only Truth.
Most Things are that way.

It’s useful to break the connection between the idea of fact and the idea of truth. A fact is a datum that stands on its own regardless of opinion, belief or perception.

A truth does reflect the opinion, belief or perception of a person.

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