Sideband #20: Spock is not impressed

My contribution to the latest internet meme:

Nuf sed,  yeah?

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2 responses to “Sideband #20: Spock is not impressed

  • Wyrd Smythe

    So the big news today (2/27/2015) is that Leonard Nimoy died. He was 83. It’s always a little sad, the passing of seasons. But I’ve had to restrain myself from commenting on some blogs that I follow where people are clearly mourning a man they never met. An actor who played a role of an imaginary character they also never met.

    I restrained myself elsewhere, but here, on a relatively ancient post where no one will see it, I gotta say…

    I never understood the love people have over actors while completely ignoring the writer(s) behind the character who actually created that character and gave it life. Actors read lines — written by writers. And often directed by directors. And cast by people seeking just the right person for the role. And costumed by other experts. A lot goes into a character, but all most people seem to see is the actor.

    It’s not that actors don’t give a character some degree of life. The really great actors breath their own life into a character. And — sorry to say this — but whatever else he was, Nimoy was not one of the great actors of our day. He was as good as most, but let’s face it: Spock was his claim to fame.

    And Gene Roddenberry — in great measure — brought us Spock.

    I just had to get that off my chest. And that said, RIP Leonard Nimoy. You were the visible face of Spock, and that ain’t nothin’. Not many achieve the status of “cultural icon” in their own lifetime.

  • Wyrd Smythe

    Heh. In retrospect, we all know what happened to Goggle+!

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