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Sideband #47: POV-Ray 101

Sideband MachineBy all indicators (page reads, Likes, comments), most of my readers don’t find POV-Ray quite as interesting as I do. That’s too bad, because I’ve finally decided on a theme for this blog. It’s going to be all-POV-Ray all the time! Think of the fun we’ll have!

Yes, of course I’m kidding. Anyone who knows me at all (hello, have you met me?) would know better. Me, one topic? It is to laugh. Out loud. (Honestly, I don’t know how mono-topical bloggers do it.)

But I do promise this is the last post—for now—about POV-Ray. We’ll just swing by the gift shop, and then move on to other things.

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Sideband #46: POV-Ray 101

Take a seat!

Take a seat! (click for big)

As promised last time, my simple tour of POV-Ray continues with some examples a bit more interesting than an abacus stone or a box with holes in it. Time to move beyond a bunch of teal-colored spheres! (How about a bunch of hunter-green cones?)

I think it’s nice to have a place to sit while I lecture, so I’m going to use my digital woodworking set to provide a bar stool (and maybe a beer). The beauty of the virtual world is that , well, free stools (and maybe beers) for everybody.

Because I don’t just make a stool. I make a thing that makes stools.

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Sideband #44: CG Theatre

Sideband ElectrodeBack on my first Sideband post, I wrote that, “Sideband posts are miscellaneous thoughts that accompany the main thread of posts. Think of them as small paths that meander off the main road. Some branch off, go a short ways and die after a short while. Others are scenic trails that follow along the main road.”

They never quite achieved that vision, so this year one goal is getting Sidebands back on track with that original “mission statement.”

And I’m going to start with fun topic: computer-generated 3D images!

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